Memories of an Election Fought and Lost


Elections for the Local Self Governments were recently concluded in Rajasthan. The campaigning, the name calling makes me go in the flash back mode, five years to be precise when I too had jumped into the bandwagon.

Like the Eureka moment of Archimedes, I too had the moment wherein I thought this was the stepping stone to better times and alas! How wrong I was. The hectic politicking for tickets by trying to prove myself to be a better candidate to belittling the opponent, from the actual pros the imaginary cons we did it all.

Getting the ticket was just the beginning; I was like the batsman with the tools but wasn’t sure whether I would hit a sixer or would be clean bowled. After getting the tickets then came the time to pacifying the other contenders. Some were great and cooperative and some were downright uncouth and had an excessive feeling of self worth with nothing to back it up with. Met two renowned soothsayers so as to know the future outcome!! The opinion was evenly divided and both were sure about their predictions and alas one’s prediction failed and with him I did too.

Received  मुफ्त का ज्ञान from one and sundry. They all made me realize that theirs was the only right strategy to win the battle. Luckily for me there was a core group of party men, associates and friends and obviously family to tide over the excessive inflow of information. The campaign trail was an experience that shall stay forever. Hit the Campaign Trail early in the morning with the right gear i.e. Kurta Pajyama, Nehru Jacket and Sports Shoes greeting and meeting people.  किसीके ढ़ोक पड़े , किसी से बतयाये और कईओं ने सिरे से नकार दिया. जान पहचान निकाली, सगे संबंधी ढूंढे, मंदिर देवरों, गुरुद्वारों में माथा टेका. Getting back home in the night to play with my newborn kids was what I looked forward to at the end of the day.

There were people who made me feel invincible : “भाईसाब आपकी जीत तो पक्की है.” शायद उस चने के झाड पे मैं आसानी से चढ़ गया. Got support from unexpected quarters and whose support was taken for granted didn’t live up to expectations. There were those who had issue with the no. of dogs I had, to the car I drove and the name I had. Some were genuine and for others least said the better. We were given a certain expenditure limit. The pertinent questions is did I exceed it?? Well what do I say ……… I was within the limit i guess

Voting day kept me on my toes; the feeling that something was amiss didn’t come even seeing the response at the booths. The counting day I was a nervous wreck and when the EVM’s started showing the trend within a short span I knew I had lost it and didn’t have to wait for the complete results, congratulated the opponent and walked out grim and sad.

Had to put a brave front in spite of the loss, yes I did cry !! Well such is life you win some and u lose some. That time it was my turn to lose ………

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