Karma Anyone ??

11253888_10153291131002992_2314295233860945663_nThe other day I came across this picture on a social media sites and was quite intrigued by it !!

What is Karma ?? Does it even exist?? Or is it just to console ourselves that the guilty or someone who has done harm to us will someday pay for it ??

From what I have gathered and understood in my 38 years on this planet that such thing seldom exist, the comforters tell me the God will make them suffer for their wrongs and I shall see them suffer. My retribution will be provided for!!

I think having crossed almost half of my designated time on earth and the remainder I am sure can’t be anything more than then what has already been wasted away; the Day of Judgment is nowhere near in sight. What use is the judgment if I am not alive to see it delivered? I am no saint and the concept of forgiveness does not work for me, revenge and retribution is what I seek and want the almighty to provide it!! I am a true blue Scorpio for I shall not forget the deceit, lies, theft at my expense.

So God, I want you to act fast and swift cause there aren’t too many people I hold a grudge against and so Plz give them the slow therapy for they need to realize the ill-will and hatred they have mustered over the years. For why should I be the only one where the infamous and ambiguous Karma works instantly, one wrong move and I pay for it immediately? So if you are delivering it instantly in my case,  u better make it smooth for me later in life (whatever is left of it BTW) cause I am definitely not up for any more of this nonsense !!

So Karma you better get on your job like NOW !! Or this Monday evening rants are going to get shriller and worse !!

To end quote the iconic lines form Iqbaal sb Shikwa :

ये शिकायत नहीं हैं उनके खज़ाने मामूर,

नहीं महफ़िल में जिन्हें बात करने का शुअर,

क़हर तो ये है की काफ़िर को मिलें हूर-ओ-क़सूर,

और बेचारे मुसलमान को फ़कत वैयदा-ऐ-हूर,

अब वो अल्ताफ नहीं हम पे इनायत नहीं,

बात ये क्या है की पहली से मदरात नहीं ….

(We do not complain that their treasures are full,

Who are not in possession of even basic social graces?

Outrageous that infidel are rewarded with Houris and palaces,

And the poor Muslims are placated with only promise of Houris,

We have been deprived of the former graces and favors

What is the matter, we are deprived of the former honors.)

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