Mind Your Own Business !!


Scene one – FB Messenger 00:30 AM

WW 1 : नमस्ते Sir, कैसे हैं ?
Me : बढ़िया हूँ , और आप ??
WW 1 : आज कल दिल्ली में हूँ ?
Me : क्या कर रहे हो ?
WW 1 : Liaisoning का काम कर रहा हूँ !! (Sends me a Screen Shot of Google Maps showing off his location at a Delhi Based 5 Star )
WW 1 : आपके काम में मज़ा नहीं आ रहा ??
Me: Good Nite

Scene Two – FB Messenger 00:15 AM

WW 2– How are you Sir?
Me – Doing Good !!
WW 2 – (Starts giving me Political Gyaan)
Me – Good Nite.

WW- Well Wisher???

This is the oft repeated midnight messages that I receive from some of my FB friends who think that just suppose I update my status late at night I am game to receive their ज्ञान.

Thidownload (1)s first WW is busy showing off the success (questionable) that he has achieved that has taken him from a small town of Rajasthan to the lobbies of Delhi Five Star Hotels and I guess that qualifies him to question my work!! I have somehow always found this lobbying and Liaison work little dubious and questionable but again to each his own. The conversation left me wondering what kind of work of mine would give him मज़ा !!

The Second WW happens to be a small time reporter of an equally small news agency with an ego that doesn’t commensurate with the quality and size of his work, was immediately unfriended after wishing him a Good Night !

To set the record straight and I repeat, no one can question my work or the lack of it!!

रंज गलतियों का हो मुझे …. मुनासिब है…..
आप की सोच का लेकिन …. हरगिज़ नहीं ….

2 thoughts on “Mind Your Own Business !!

  1. But on a serious note, i completely know what you mean, considering, i know of lot of people who turn around and say(out of the random to me, ‘तुम्हें तो काम ही क्या है?’ ….I mean, like really????


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