A Legacy to Live Upto


Today on the 100th Birth Anniversary of my Late Grand Father Shri Mohan Lal Ji Sukhadia, I look back on how he still continues to define me and my family. It’s a legacy we are proud of and rightly so !! From being a Chief Minister at a young age of 38 to being the Governor of the Southern States.

This young boy of the legendary cricketer Late Purshottam Das Ji Sukhadia rose from the streets of Nathadwara to the dizzying heights of national politics. From participating in the Independence Movement during his engineering days at VJTI, Mumbai to breaking down the narrow walls of old mind sets. He did it all ….

A friend had once asked me what it feels like living in a place where the Roads, Circles, Gardens and University are named after him. And my only answer was I feel humbled. After having seen power from such close proximity I have realized its fleeting nature. It’s the good that one does when in power that would define his longevity in the public memory. After more than 34 years of his passing away the love and affection that our family receives speaks of the goodness that he managed to spread.

Another question that is posed time and again is His political legacy and the role of our family in politics. I feel no one has the gumption to be anywhere near his achievements. We do try in our own ways in the boundaries of decency, morality and righteousness. Being compared to him and being expected to live up to his ideals would be asking too much out of us but we are trying wouldn’t say we have succeeded but haven’t failed miserably either.

We were proud of being a close knit family, the two family constituents that Dada and Jiya bought together continue to share the warmth and love for each other. Yes there are differences but aren’t they inevitable anyways. The family tree that grew from the Seven Siblings of the second generation to the Five siblings of our Third Generation and finally The Fourth Generation of my Family i.e. Kaven and Kaashwi. This last generation may not fully comprehend the value of the Sukhadia name but they will be the torch bearer of our name and legacy.

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