Happy Birthday !!


Dear Kaashwi – Kaven,

Wishing you two a very Happy 7th Birthday!!

How time flies? It just seems like yesterday when we all were outside the Operation Theater waiting for your arrival in this world. The news first broken by Chhaparwal Uncle made the emotions surge and eyes watery. The ecstatic felling of being a father of a boy and girl is something that is incomprehensible. We always knew that twins were on the way from the first ultrasound but them being a boy and girl was a surprise -something which some of your Uncle/Aunts are yet to digest!!

I believe now you are at an age where the memories are formed and retained for a life time, an age where you question the rights and wrongs – questions for which I hope I still have answers, but not for too long. We have strived to provide you an upbringing of love, care and comfort and will continue doing so.

Notwithstanding the incessant quarrels and that u both have now, beneath that there is love and an understanding that baffles me. My only hope and desire is that no matter where you reach in life this love grows with each passing year. As no matter whom u may befriend or meet in life it’s the thing the two of you have shared and grown with, that will make your bond unique and like no other.

As parents we have tried not living our lives thru you not as yet and lead a life that is different from us, one that you will eventually choose, fight if you have to but remember we have your best interest in mind. Fail if you have to, learn and move on for no failure is big enough to put you down. We will be there no matter what !! The world is your playground so make sure you don’t restrict yourself not by your family name, not by us not by any one not even by U. Just choose a path that is righteous and everything else will fall in place.

But remember this inspite of all the above , I m gonna make you do things my way and you will have to fight it out; a fight that I have the supremacy now but will be a obliging loser in future to see you soar higher and reach for a place where you belong.


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