What it means being a Rotarian


As a child growing up in Udaipur in the eighties my first interface with Rotary was thru the Rotary Mela that the Rotary Club of Udaipur used to and still organizes. In those days these kinds of melas were an annual affair unlike now where they are dime a dozen. The fun and the commitment towards social cause always left me in awe of Rotary (www.rotary.org) .

Years later I had the opportunity to join this prestigious organization in the year 2002 and since then there has been no looking back. Having been the Secretary thrice, President and now as the Assistant Governor have seen the working from close quarters and it always makes me a Proud Rotarian.

Rotary to me personally has given much more than what I can ever give it back. From the friendships forged to fulfilling the obligations towards the society we live in, to meeting new people and many more. It has made me a confident individual and removed my stage fright.

All these wouldn’t have been possible but for Rotary. Being a Rotarian has helped me serve the underprivileged sections of the society with the power of Rotary Foundation. Rotary has bought smile and also tears seeing others smile whose life we have managed to touch.
Which other organization can boast of network like ours, where people from all walks of life irrespective of class, creed or nationality are at par on one common platform for one cause of “Service above Self”

The Founding Father of Rotary Paul P Harris said in 1912, “Rotarian’s are very much more favorably disposed toward action than towards words.” This is the motto that is still relevant more than century later.

The Rotary that I know of should be enjoyed and embraced with open arms, mind and heart and I am sure you will never have any doubt of being a Rotarian !!

So let us imbibe these immortal words of one of my favorites Faiz Ahmed Faiz sb :

जिन की आँखों को रुख ऐ सुबह का यारा भी नहीं
उनकी रातों में कोई शमा मुन्नव्वर कर दें

They, whose eyes don’t have the strength to see the face of dawn,
May someone light a lamp in their night

जिन की क़दमों को किसी रह का सहारा भी नहीं
उन की नज़रों पे कोई राह उजागर कर दें…….

They, whose feet have nowhere to go, no path
May someone illuminate a way to their sight

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