Dangal : दंगल : دنگل


Over the past many years I have always put a 2-3 line review of the movies I watch in theatre on my social media timelines. These are the opinions and rants of a movie buff and was in no way meant to deter anyone to like or dislike movies.
So with this blog post I intend to take the movie reviews a little detailed and I hope you bear with me and also these reviews dnt make me an expert on the art of movie making for I am just a bloody opinionated cinemagoer who goes to theatre religiously to watch varied genres with the same gang of friends who also share the love of cinema, week after week without fail and this time also was no different.
The moment I entered the theatre for an afternoon show of Dangal was not surprised to see the hall full to the brim and what set the pace for the movie was the playing of National Anthem before the show (which gives me Goosebumps every time I sing it), and the audience breaking in to Bharat Mata ki Jai at the end of it !!
This movie is about wrestling and about the journey from the start to winning an international medal for India. It’s about one eccentric man’s passion aiming for Gold thru his daughters. The movie has an earthy realistic feel to it and u can actually smell the rustic Jat Land from your seats.
The physical transformation that Aamir Khan is what sets him apart, movie after movie surprises us and questions our beliefs. The star that is confident not to be in each frame but to believe in the new kids on the block for what is a movie but a collective effort and what an ensemble cast that matches with the histrionics of The actor.
Like all sports movies we know what the outcome is gonna be and it’s the journey to the climax that is the clincher and this movie not for a minute feels long inspite of duration of 160+ minutes. The moment the National Anthem plays during the movie the audience was on their toes celebrating Gita’s victory all over again. Mahaveer Phogat broke patriarchal stereotypes by making his daughters wrestle and the actor playing him breaks hindi movie stereotypes each time with his films.
It’s the Gita and Babita hidden in each of our daughters that we need to push to shine out and while watching the movie with my 7 year old daughter who pestered me with her questions I was wondering, for her to be Gita/Babita can I ever bee Mahaveer Phogat and alas the answer to the question as of now is in negative.
Go watch the movie you are wasting your Christmas/New Year vacations if you dnt watch it asap !!

PS : This review is only because of Kishore Bhaiya if he hadn’t pushed me I would have once again put a mere 2-3 line review.

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