Happy Birthday Anubhav

Dear Anubhav,

Wishing you a very Happy Fortieth Birthday and may the Birthday Celebrations we have been having over the past one month never end !


We have been friends since Kindergarten at St. Pauls, went to Mayo the same year, left it the same year for Delhi / Mumbai landed back to pavilion i.e. Udaipur in 2000. What a fantastic journey it has been !! The crazy stuff (not really we are too decent for it), fun times and exchange of information (well u r getting there, I m too much a pro in that), we have been there and done that. I am glad the friendship has been carried forward between our better halves and our boys !!IMG-20150817-WA0025.jpg


Like some stupid psychologist said if friendship lasts more than seven years then it’s for a lifetime and well we crossed that threshold decades back !! I do not understand the concept of a best friend but the day I do u shall definitely feature in it !!

Wishing you the very best for your best is yet to come and before I get hounded by our better halves for writing anything more mushy and eulogising our friendship, plz can we not have any more of your birthday dinners क्योंकि guilt और over-eating से फटे जा रहें हैं हम सब !!

A Very Happy Birthday Once Again !!


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