The Ghazi Attack


Before the movie begins in the theatre there is this huge disclaimer in which the filmmaker just falls short of saying that this movie is a just a piece of fiction , it being based on true events is pure imagination.

Having said that, this film is supposedly based on the successful attack on the Pakistani submarine – Ghazi by the Indian Navy in 1971 during the events leading to the Liberation war of Bangladesh. The way this mission was conducted and handled and the motives behind the same.

To give credit to the filmmaker there are no emotional back stories and even if there are no time is wasted whining over them. The run time is just around 2 hours which is perfect with no songs patriotic of otherwise. I am no navy expert but the feel of the submarines is real and the script never waivers from its intention of being a complete Naval War Film. In that scenario this is a welcome change for Hindi war films.

However what is missing is the excitement, palpability that is expected out of a war film. Again dnt understand naval protocols but the way K K Menon is projected as a hot headed captain and also the crew seemed little too chilled out (barring some technicians) both seems a little too hard to digest. Only thing the crew seems to be doing is either bracing for impact of the torpedoes or the submarine diving in the ocean depth.

Why is Tapsee Pannu even there in the movie?? Other than showing the humane side of Rana Duggubati and the plight of Mukti Vahini she is completely wasted. The Pakistani side seemed more vengeful and ready for the kill. A big shout to my senior and school alumni Rahul Singh for essaying the role of Pakistani Captain.

The filmmakers tries hard to raise the patriotic quotient by the playing the National Anthem and the ‘Sare Jahan se Achha’ but to me it seemed a little forced and contrived. And the one scene one the same is heard by the Pakistani crew in their submarines is typical Hindi Movie Tadka.

So should u watch this movie, I say u rather watch Rangoon tomorrow and if u still want to watch it go ahead its just 2 hours of your time.


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