simran-posterThe amount of attention the pre-release publicity of this film got whether for the right reason (The Female lead) or the wrong (The leading Lady’s Ex) in both the cases it did create a buzz about Simran.

The story is set in The US of America it looks into the life of 30 + Gujarati Divorcee girl – Prafull Patel played by Kangna Ranaut who works in the House-Keeping department of a leading hotel and lives with her parents: Father- a cribbing failed Gujarati Immigrant whose American dream never materialised and now lives off selling Gujarati Food items and a mother who is trying to match up to the squabbling of the Father and the Daughter.

On a trip to Vegas with her cousin she loses all her hard earned that she had saved to buy her own apartment on gambling and in order to recover the same she falls prey to the Loan Sharks who feeds her addiction by lending her instant cash and thus making her their debtor and it is this desperation that makes her rob the banks. The stealing bits seemed too simple but again this shows the American’s paranoia, the fear of getting hurt, Al Qaeda / ISIS and the use of the bombs that the bank employees seemed too eager to part with the cash.

The movie is a Kangna Film all the way she is in every scene and she rules in every bit of them. In one scene she tells her prospective suitor that she has a character flaw to which he replies it’s ok if she has had her shares of boyfriends and she replies that isn’t flaw that is art her flaw is that she is hooked onto gambling and stealing. These are the flaws that we see in people around us and I know someone who steals stuff from friends, shops and even from relatives admitted in the hospital. However in Praful’s case the gambling comes across not as an addiction but just one stray incident and the stealing is to feed this one incident.


As an audience we root for her when she is goofy, when we see her desperation to have her own apartment, pay for her debts and ways to get out of the mess she has got herself into. There is a saying that we say “दूकान में कितना सामान है??” meaning whether someone is all talk and nothing to back that up with. In the case of Kangna in light of her bombastic interview दूकान में बहुत सामान है !!

The film is all about showcasing her talent and she doesn’t disappoint, however sincerely wish the film could match up to her efforts, it gets complacent in some portions. If you are Kangna fan you must watch it and if you belong to her opposite camp you deserve nothing but to watch Mohenjo Daro on a loop till the next Friday.

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