Good Bye …..

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That’s Mr Braganza and me trying our hand at a Selfie !!


Dear Father Braganza,

Yes that’s what I want to remember you as and maybe with all the crazy Portuguese / English names you would address us kids as : From Alphonso to Mr. Pinto and God knows what all and now He is the only one who would be the keeper of your words forever.

I want to remember the fun times of our last family holiday we took at Mount Abu; the boating and the walk on Nakki Lake and the memories of my first Walkman that you bought for me from one of your foreign trips.

Though after a long hiatus, the memories I cherish is our calories ridden Sunday Lunches that became a ritual during the last winters.

Any other memoires that may have existed has been obliterated and forever been consigned to the flames. For memories is what is left now and nothing more and they better be happy for me and the forthcoming generations.

Wishing you too are in a Happy Zone, looking over us and seeing the Truth for that’s all matters now.

With Love and Regards,


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