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11.8.2017 – 06.07.2018

The love affair which lasted for just 329 Days!!

329 days of supercharged, hyper and stubborn Laila!!

One of the reasons that my daughter got over her fear of dog!!

The only one with unhindered entry to our entire home!!

She was the David to the Goliath i.e. Candy and took her on with all her might!!

The Bird Hunter, Insect Eater and the Ball Snatcher!!

A reluctant toilet trainee and blessing the entire house with her poop/piss!!

The content for my Instagram stories!!

The only dog that was shown affection by both my mother and wife; well they aren’t too dog friendly!!

5 days of suffering, the drips, the needles and the misery!!

The end that saddened our hearts and devastated the kids!!

Yes, She was Laila – our Beagle !!

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