Is Bitching the right word or is it too politically incorrect and for that matter is hearsay or gossip the right word??

Whatever term one may use it is here to stay and for everyone to hear, say and repeat. Just the other day someone remarked that even men are such gossip mongers!! Yeah yeah we are, but in 21st century are any gender roles strictly compartmentalized?? When she can do his work why can’t he do her work??

And what better medium to facilitate the above than the most used feature of our handsets i.e. the screenshots. The images/ chats get stored for eternity to be shared, used as a reference point and just to have a great time at someone’s expense. I know of a men’s whatsapp group that specializes in discussing social media updates of their friends based on these very screenshots.

Just wondering if it is about us, whether it is less offensive if you hear it from a secondary source and not straight from the horse’s mouth. I mean अगर मुंह पर नहीं बोला तो क्या फरक पड़ता है?? Some time back I heard about a relative making a snide comment about me, I did feel bad initially but haven’t we ourselves been guilty of the same.

Ideally there shouldn’t be any of it but we do not live in a perfect world and it is kind of OK if it isn’t malicious and outright slander like this person I know who has her life time built on slandering one and sundry and age hasn’t slowed her a bit !!

Karma is a Bitch and what gets thrown around comes around for you to haunt, ALWAYS!! And till the time it comes back keep taking screenshots and recycling information.

PS: Why does is it have to be the feminine of canine species cant it be the other way?? After all 21st century….

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