Anna Sorokin

Ruja Ignatova

What does these two women have in common?

The former claimed to be a millionaire heiress and the latter started a multi-level marketing crypto currency. The thing that puts both of them at the same platform was their exceptional ability for exaggerated claims and fooling people out of their wealth.

They both believed in the policy “FAKE IT TILL U MAKE IT” unfortunately for them law caught with them before they could set free from their dubious past.

We all know of at least one such person with dubious and hyperbolic claims which has no bearing to their past and current situation. Being part of some organizations I see this all the time. The imagined closeness to persons in high positions and the overestimation of one’s influence is the life’s motto for some.

I know of a person, who changed their dead father’s profession of that of a contractor to a completely new one decade after his death to suit their then current political position. For some change in profession has been rolled on by the imaginary grandness of their forefathers. Sometimes the past is too uncomfortable or sometimes is doesn’t fit into the current scheme of things.

We live an age where social media is where images are created for the world to marvel at. The likes and the followers are bought and sold with aplomb. So if you have the resources at disposal, you hype up your profile or else you hype up an imaginary life. In either case the intention is to fake it till you place yourself in a space that you desire. Some make it and some don’t after all the art of faking is not for everyone to excel in.

Like someone said you can fake everything except money and you do not have to go broke faking it!!

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