Prawns on my Plate

आदरणीय पासवान जी, आपको बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद देना चाहूँगा क्योंकि आपकी उस आधुनिक अवं सोशलिस्ट सोच की लिए जिसके रहते अब हम जैसे मासूम ग्राहकों को यह बावर्चीखाने लूट न सकेंगे. जो आपने सोचा है सही है, हमें जानने का हक है की झींगे की एक प्लेट में कितने मिलेंगे (वैसे आपके सहयोगी दल को … More Prawns on my Plate

Mrs. Patrawala

As one of the wealthiest community in India: The Parsi’s celebrate their New Year this 21st March I can’t but think about my Parsi landlady in Mumbai: Mrs Patrawala. Having lived in Mumbai for around seven years ending with the millennium, was lucky to have stayed most of those years in an amazing hostel a … More Mrs. Patrawala

Shame on Us

Over the past few months our region has been a witness to things that as citizen of this Free Liberal nation makes me hang my head in shame. 70 years since independence and preceded by the clarion call of Mahatma Gandhi against untouchability, we the citizens of India who in the comfort of our drawing … More Shame on Us

Unrequited Love

आज १४ फ़रवरी को वैलेंटाइन डे बनाने वालों में से मैं खुद तो बिलकुल नहीं हूँ, लेकिन जो मानते हैं या मानते थे या मनाने का सोचते है व् उन सब के लिए जिनका इश्क क़ामिल न हो पाया उनके लिए मशहूर शायर साहिर लुधयानवी की नज़्म – ‘मता-ए-ग़ैर’ शेयर कर रहा हूँ. जैसा की … More Unrequited Love

Happy Birthday !!

Dear Kaashwi – Kaven, Wishing you two a very Happy 7th Birthday!! How time flies? It just seems like yesterday when we all were outside the Operation Theater waiting for your arrival in this world. The news first broken by Chhaparwal Uncle made the emotions surge and eyes watery. The ecstatic felling of being a … More Happy Birthday !!

Uniform Civil Code

BJP led NDA Government has asked the Law Commission to examine the issues relating to the implementation of Uniform Civil Code. This is the first time a Government has asked the commission which has a advisory role on such a politically controversial legal reform. Our Constitution under the Directive Principle of State Policy Article 44 … More Uniform Civil Code