General Elections 2019



Immediately after the stupendous success of the BJP led coalition in the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections and the dismail performance of Congress, I happened to be at a social gathering. Knowing perfectly well where my political loyalties lay a dear friend walked up to me and said “अब तो हिंदूं की सरकार आ गयी, अब अपने हिसाब से सब कर सकेंगे!”

What left me surprised was not that there was a Hindu Sarkar in place but the latter part of his statement. I did ask him what he was it that the previous governments had prevented him from doing?? He was definitely at a loss of words but was so sure that NDA was all set to empower the Hindus to take on the might of others!! BTW I was having this discussion with a professionally qualified supposedly well read individual.

4 years hence I have come to realise this supposedly well read group of people so vehemently putting across their point of views are PHD holders from the ‘Whatsapp University’; as Ravish Kumar so aptly defines it. Most news channels and newspaper are also feeding such phobia and false ideas about supposedly appeasement of minorities by the opposition parties.

What is the minority appeasement that they talk about?? Facts disprove any beneficial treatment meted out to the Muslims as has been pointed out by the Sachar Committee. Muslims were around 13.4% of the total population as per 2001 Census. However there were only 1.3% of them in the total number of students in all the IIM courses and only 3.3% in IITs. The presence of Muslims was found to be only 3% in the IAS, 1.8% in the IFS and 4% in the IPS. Share of Muslims in employment in various departments is abysmally low at all levels. In no state does the representation of Muslims in the government departments match their population share.

However one thing is for certain they is a mass who now represent a major vote bank that no political party wants to offend. So we have parties playing the supposedly ‘Soft Hinduvta’ and prefer not to be seen to close to the minorities especially the Muslims. We have the Prime Minister of our Country wearing all sorts of headgear but not The Skull Cap. I agree this is just symbolism but why this avoidance with symbols of Islam only??

India is sixth largest economy in the world and having a second largest population of Muslim after Indonesia. No party can afford to be just catering to one section of society and not be the voice of its minorities and in this case the Muslims of India.

The run up to 2019 we are once again seeing the rise of Hindu Identity well I too am proud of my Hindu Identity but my religion teaches me inclusion and not exclusion. There is no either-or for me but rather cohabitation with all the religion that make up India.

We can speculate on the results of 2019 Lok Sabha however what is non-negotiable in this mad rush in the ‘first past the post’ system is our duty to stand up and be the one for its weakest members and that is what the President of Indian National Congress Shri Rahul Gandhi recently said during one of his interactions.


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11.8.2017 – 06.07.2018

The love affair which lasted for just 329 Days!!

329 days of supercharged, hyper and stubborn Laila!!

One of the reasons that my daughter got over her fear of dog!!

The only one with unhindered entry to our entire home!!

She was the David to the Goliath i.e. Candy and took her on with all her might!!

The Bird Hunter, Insect Eater and the Ball Snatcher!!

A reluctant toilet trainee and blessing the entire house with her poop/piss!!

The content for my Instagram stories!!

The only dog that was shown affection by both my mother and wife; well they aren’t too dog friendly!!

5 days of suffering, the drips, the needles and the misery!!

The end that saddened our hearts and devastated the kids!!

Yes, She was Laila – our Beagle !!



Mirza Asaadullah Beg Khan popularly known as Mirza Ghalib in his lifespan of 71 years gave the world and connoisseurs’ of poetry works that resonates even today after nearly 150 years of his passing away. In spite of being born into Nobility with a high social status he lived a life of penury and an unhappy marriage. He lived to see the death of his seven children, the fall and the demise of Mughal Empire, the war of 1857 and the rise of the British Empire in Hindustan.

All this made him the person that he was and thus gets reflected in his poetry which offers life lessons that is even till this date can be identified by all sections of society from the nobility to the common man, from rich to poor, from the young to the old and from the believer to the agnostic.

To write anything  that has already not been written about Ghalib is a daunting task and more so over when it is to discuss his imagination of Happiness and Sadness i.e. GHALIB KA TASAVVUR NISHAT-O-GHAM , but such is the magic of his poetry that it offers different insights and meaning to the reader. The valuable life lessons that he offers can be imbibed my each one of us in our daily life. He took life with a pinch of salt, something that need not be taken too seriously like in this couplet:

  • ग़ालिब ऐ खस्ता के बगैर, कौन से काम बंद हैं,

          रोइए जार जार क्या, कीजिये हाय हाय क्यूँ …

  • غالبؔ خستہ کے بغیر کون سے کام بند ہیں

          روئیے زار زار کیا کیجیے ہاے ہاے کیوں

He writes, what is the need for such a hue and cry over him? The world wouldn’t stop if he wasn’t there and for Ghalib himself is in dire condition. What can be implied is that no matter what be the status of someone; however powerful and mighty people would continue to live their lives after they pass away as time and tide waits for no one, what has to happen will happen even in their absence. Ones happiness or sadness is independent of other’s existence the emotions felt will be temporarily but in the long run we all live on.

  • बाज़ीचा-ए-अत्फ़ाल है दुनिया मेरे आगे

         होता है शबो-रोज़ तमाशा मेरे आगे।

  • بازیچۂ اطفال ہے دنیا مرے آگے

        ہوتا ہے شب و روز تماشا مرے آگے

The poet says that world is just a child’s playground in from of him and games are being played daily. He watches the ways of the world and its inhabitants enacting their parts every day, he neither condemns or condones these actions because like the children’s games it isn’t permanent nor it is to be taken seriously thus we should sit back and enjoy the games people play and not to get emotional.

  • काबे किस मुंह से जाओगे , ग़ालिब?

         शर्म तुम को मगर नहीं आती

  • کعبہ کس منہ سے جاوگے غالبؔ

          شرم تم کو مگر نہیں آتی

Ghalib was never a practicing, devout Muslim man. He was an alcoholic and had habits that were an anathema to Islam thus he asks himself, with all this how can he ever make that journey of the faithful to Kabba that is the most sacred place in Islam and doesn’t he have the shame to take the Hajj Pilgrimage. To delve deeper into this couplet it also means that he is aware of shortcomings so to say and have accepted them and that there is nothing hidden from the Almighty. The God knows him and should accept him with all his faults and one shouldn’t moan of feel sad for their actions for God is up their watching all of us.

  • होगा कोई ऐसा भी की ग़ालिब को ना जाने?

         शायर तो वोह अच्छा है, पर बदनाम बोहत है.

  • ہوگا کوئی ایسا بھی کہ غالبؔ کو نہ جانے

          شاعر تو وہ اچھا ہے پہ بدنام بہت ہے

In this couplet Ghalib can be seen asking, is there even a possibility that there may be people who may be unaware of him and further goes on to add that he is good poet albeit with a little questionable reputation. He is aware both i.e. the strength and quality of his literary works and also his infamous and questionable reputation and sometimes this infamy takes precedence over his talent. So if there is happiness over his talent there is also a pang of sadness for his own character faults.

Like he was aware of his shortcomings and habits that were prohibited in his religion he was equally sure of his art i.e. poetry. When someone asks about him, he seems astonished and seems at a loss of words, like in this one:

  • पूछते हैं वोह के ग़ालिब कौन है?

         कोई बतलाओ के हम बतलाये क्या ?

  • پوچھتے ہیں وہ کہ غالبؔ کون ہے

          کوئی بتلاؤ کہ ہم بتلائیں کیا

He is amazed at the ignorance of the person for asking about him, for his works had been read and spread across the region and to answer such a question would be boastful. There is an element of ego, self appraisal and spite. He seems to be asking his followers what to answer to such a question?

When someone reaches exalted status in society it’s a presumption that the masses are supposed to have heard about him and to having to introduce oneself,   is task that gets difficult with rising popularity and on the corollary irrespective of one’s popularity there will be people who are still unaware and indifferent to your fame. In a way he is happy about the status that he achieved thru his poetry which has given him recognition.

  • हैं और भी दुनिया में सुखनवर बोहत अछे,

         केहते हैं ग़ालिब का है अंदाज़ ऐ बयाँ और

  • ہیں اور بھی دنیا میں سخن ور بہت اچھے

         کہتے ہیں کہ غالبؔ کا ہے انداز بیاں اور

Again in this one Ghalib is on self appraisal mode. He says that there are many great poets in the world but still people say his work is a little different. People following the same passion and art form need not be alike, each creates his own niche and his own followers and one should be aware of their strength to find happiness.

Ghalib though born in aristocracy lived a life full of struggle living off the grants of others. He travelled all the way up to Kolkata to claim his pension shared an uneasy relationship with his wife and survived to see the death of his children. He was imprisoned, condemned but still had the gumption to retain his feudal lifestyle. He is aware of his peculiar conditions and hardships.

  • हमको मालूम है जन्नत की हक़ीक़त लेकिन

          दिल के ख़ुश रखने को ‘ग़ालिब’ ये ख़याल अच्छा है

  • ہم کو معلوم ہے جنت کی حقیقت لیکن

          دل کے خوش رکھنے کو غالبؔ یہ خیال اچھا ہے

In this couplet he is aware that only solace he can get now is when he is set free from this life and reaches heaven. He knows the truth or the imagination of this promised heaven but that is the only comfort that is helping him lead this miserable life. In life sometimes only happiness that one can hope to achieve is the one imagined or a promise of a better life. Sometimes the present is so painful that an uncertain future is the only hope.

  • दे वोह जिस क़दर ज़िल्लत, हम हंसी में टालेंगे ,

         बारे आशना निकला उन का पासबान अपना

  • دے وہ جس قدر ذلّت ، ہم ہنسی میں ٹالینگے

          بارے آشنا نکلا ان کا پاسباں اپنا

Again in this one he is aware of being ostracised and being thrown out of his beloved’s place but again he finds solace or rather consoles himself that at least the gatekeeper is his friend. Even in difficult circumstances there is always a ray of hope and it is this silver lining that helps to tide over the difficulties.

In these two couplets the poet talks of hardships that one must get used to and have a steely attitude to face any adversity that they stop to matter anymore. One must face the obstacles in life.

  • इशरत-ए-क़तराहै दरिया में फ़ना हो जाना

         दर्द का हद से गुज़रना है दवा हो जाना

  • عشرت قطرہ ہے دریا میں فنا ہو جانا

          درد کا حد سے گزرنا ہے دوا ہو جانا

It is the destiny of a droplet to merge into the water and loose its identity and it shouldn’t moan about it as that is its destiny. The pain sometimes is so much that you tend to live with it and the absence is what makes life uneasy.

  • रंजसे ख़ूगर हुआ इंसाँ तो मिट जाता है रंज

          मुश्किलें मुझ पर पड़ीं इतनी कि आसाँ हो गईं

  • رنج سے خوگر ہوا انساں تو مٹ جاتا ہے رنج

         مشکلیں مجھ پر پڑیں اتنی کہ آساں ہو گئیں

Similarly in this one the pain once acknowledged gets easy and he faced so many hardships that it seized being a botheration anymore. He says we should face the adversities in our life head on and once we do that the sadness or the pain stops being impairment.

These above couplets fits into the dynamics of any relationship that is bound on the foundation of love be it that of romantic liaisons or the one with the almighty himself and the happiness and sadness is a part of life that we all have to live with.


Good Bye …..

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That’s Mr Braganza and me trying our hand at a Selfie !!


Dear Father Braganza,

Yes that’s what I want to remember you as and maybe with all the crazy Portuguese / English names you would address us kids as : From Alphonso to Mr. Pinto and God knows what all and now He is the only one who would be the keeper of your words forever.

I want to remember the fun times of our last family holiday we took at Mount Abu; the boating and the walk on Nakki Lake and the memories of my first Walkman that you bought for me from one of your foreign trips.

Though after a long hiatus, the memories I cherish is our calories ridden Sunday Lunches that became a ritual during the last winters.

Any other memoires that may have existed has been obliterated and forever been consigned to the flames. For memories is what is left now and nothing more and they better be happy for me and the forthcoming generations.

Wishing you too are in a Happy Zone, looking over us and seeing the Truth for that’s all matters now.

With Love and Regards,


Speak Up



I concede that it is a little late in the day to vent my anger and disgust against the recent rape incidents that has rocked our nation, but the recent polarization and crazy messages floating across the social media questioning this very angst and that also from the so called educated mass is surprising.

These people are questioning this angst and asking where were we when some previous incident happened?? Why such hue and cry now?? Just to answer them, we were there showing our angst then also!! It is just that you are so blinded by the communal hatred and in love with your so called emancipator, to not notice this and yes even if we didn’t protest earlier that doesn’t take away our right to protest now, does it??

It took months and the media scrutiny before The Supreme Leader, the state governments (incidentally both are governed by the party that is in Centre) for some action to happen. They were supposed to be a proactive / decisive and the deliverer from injustice weren’t they??

Action speaks louder than words and it takes a statement full of platitudes by The Supreme Leader for these state governments to take action. Words that should have been spoken much earlier like the birthday greetings that he is so prompt in making to the world leaders on Twitter. Yes he has been elected to power and we expect him to make a statement on such a heinous crime, that’s his job. He does us no favour !!

And yes this issue is about religion and how the nations treats its minorities, be it religious or otherwise and how a party that claims to be the voice of majority has failed them by inaction and delayed response. As a father of eight year olds, my heart bleeds making me want to throw up each time I hear the gruesome and chilling facts that are in the charge sheet. Despite this some of them have the audacity to take my Lord’s name and shout to protect the accused or defend themselves.

Yes I am a member of Congress and yes I will demand action from the Prime Minster as he is answerable to all Indians whether we voted for him or not, despite the name calling by his disciples. What pains is the fanaticism of the educated and the hatred for the minorities that was heard in private conversations which can be seen in not so subtle ways in the social media.

What have we become?? Is this the kind of hatred that we want to pass on to the next generation ??

It is time for all of us to ponder, make informed choices and question what we is being fed to our brains day in and day out.

ये दाग़ दाग़ उजाला, ये शब-गज़ीदा सहर,

(This stained tainted light, this night bitten dawn)

वो इन्तज़ार था जिस का, ये वो सहर तो नहीं

(That we were waiting for, this is not that morning)


Purshottumdas G. Sukhadia

Dada ji Cricket
Purshottumdas Ghelabhai Sukhadia

An year and a half back as our family was gearing up to celebrate the 100th Birth Anniversary of my Grandfather Late Mohan Lal ji Sukhadia who was the Chief Minister of Rajasthan and popularly known as The Architect of Modern Rajasthan, a picture was shared on my Facebook wall by my Fufaji: Shri ML Goyal sb. of Purshottum Shield.

Purshottam shield

Immediately I called him to enquire about the same and a part of our family history was revealed though hazy but nevertheless it was something to be proud of !! It seemed that spirit of philanthropy and giving back to the society went back 4 generations i.e. to the times of my Great Grandfather Late Purshottamdas Ghelabhai Sukhadia.

As a family we were always aware about his love for cricket and his cricketing abilities as this was reason the family relocated to Nathdwara from Jhalawar on the insistence of the then Tilkayat of Shrinathji Temple, Nathdwara Late Shri Damodar Lal ji Maharaj Sb. who wanted to learn cricket from my Great Grandfather but not that he was instrumental in starting one of the oldest Cricket Shield Tournament in India in 1912 : Purshottam Shield. The Shield has his image and name on it.

So with some basic information and the help of google I was finally able to write a letter to The Secretary of P J Hindu Gymkhana, Mumbai under whose aegis this Shield has been taking place since 1912 and within a week of writing this letter I got a call from him. The feeling of getting in touch with the roots was something we both were excited about. He was kind enough to send me the minutes of the meeting that took place in 1912 to start this Shield, its history and the winners since 1912.

The history goes like this :-

Late Purshottamdas ji Sukhadia was a school teacher in Mumbai, a great lover of the game of cricket and a well known player of Mumbai and Saurashtra, who instituted the shield out of his meagre savings in 1912 for Hindus in order to unearth Hindu cricketing Talent but was later made open to all communities.

Enter a caption

Every cricket lover in Mumbai city, from young to old, is well aware of the Purshottam Shield Cricket tournament, which is the oldest and most prestigious cricket tournament. The P. J. Hindu Gymkhana, which has been hosting this tournament, since its inception; has added various Prestigious Shields under the Purshottam Shield, for best performers in Batting, Bowling and Fielding aspects of the game.

Till date, this is the most prestigious and sought after Shield that every Top Cricket Body in Mumbai dreams to add to their Tally, year after year. Well Known cricketers like Vijay Merchant, Vinoo Manked ,Bapu Nadkarni, Madhav Mantri, Eknath Solkar,Sunil Gavaskar, Umesh Kulkarni, Sachin Tendulkar and many more great cricketers have participated in this tournament.

With an open invite from the managing committee of the P J Hindu Gymkhana, I am hopeful that as a family we will be able to rekindle old associations and contribute to the sport and the family name.

एक युग का समापन


आज सुबह जैसे ही उठा और अपना मोबाइल देखा तो एक मेसेज पड़ा और ज्ञात हुआ की आज भानु का तेज और प्रकाश हमारे जीवन से हमेशा हमेशा के लिए चला गया .

हृषिकेश भैया का यह मेसेज अपने साथ न सिर्फ आदरणीय भानु कुमार जी शास्त्री जी के निधन और उनकी सफल और प्रेरणादायक जीवन यात्रा का अंत लाया था और शायद उसी के साथ उनके और मेरे दादा स्व. मोहनलाल जी सुखाड़िया के ज़माने के उसूलवादी , सहजता अवं आत्मीयता वाली राजनीती अवं राजनीतिज्ञों पर पूर्णविराम था. आदरणीय भानु जी ऐसे युग का नेतृत्व किया जहाँ द्वेष, बदले और प्रतिद्वंदी के प्रति असम्मान की कोई जगह नहीं थी. वोह उस दौर के नेता था जहाँ राजनीती सेवा थी ना की रोज़गार का एक और साधन.

मेरा सबसे पहले उनसे वाकिफ मेरी दादी स्व. इन्दुबाला जी सुखाड़िया के लोकसभा चुनाव के दौरान हुआ जो वह भानु कुमार जी के सामने लड़ रहीं थी. मैं लगभग ६-७ साल का था और ऐसे ही हम सब घर के बच्चे बे-सर-पैर के नारे लगा रहे थे भानु जी के खिलाफ. मुझे आज भी याद है की दादी ने मुझे डआंट लगायी और कहा की ऐसे नहीं करते. यह था प्रतिद्वंदी की प्रति सम्मान. समय बीतता गया और साथ ही जानने के मौका मिला की हमारे परिवार का कोई भी शुभ काम उनके पूछे बगैर नहीं होता, यह था दोनों परिवार के बीच के सम्बन्ध. भानु जी दादा-दादी दोनों के सामने चुनाव लड़े लेकिन हमारे पारिवारिक संबंधों में कभी नाम मात्र भी कटुता नहीं आई.

हमारे परिवार की सारी जन्म कुंडलियाँ उनके द्वारा ही बनायीं गयी है. कुछ वर्षों पहले मैंने एक चुनाव लड़ने का मानस बनाया. सबसे पहले पापा – मम्मी उन्हीं के पास मेरी पत्री ले कर गए, देखते ही उन्होनें चुनाव ना लड़ने की हिदायत दी. लेकिन मेरी जिद और कुछ नासमझी में वोह चुनाव मैं लड़ा और हारा. बात को स्पष्ट कहना उनकी आदत थी चाहे तब कही या कहीं मिल जाते और मेरा वज़न बड़ा होता तो वहीँ टोक देते थे. ऐसे थे भानु जी ….

कई बार उनसे मिलने के लिए सोचना पड़ता था क्योंकि बाउजी के पास किस्सों का पिटारा था और उनसे मिलना मतलब पूरा समय देना क्योंकि उन किस्सों में समय का मालूम ही नहीं चलता. बीते कुछ वर्षों से उनका फेसबुक पर दिखना एक सुखद अनुभव था. उदयपुर और राजस्थान में उन्होंने जनसंघ और बाद में भारतीय जनता पार्टी का ऐसा बीज बोया जिसके फलों का फायदा आज उनकी पार्टी को मिल रहा.

आखरी बार उन्हीं के घर पर उनके ९२ वें जन्मदिन के मौके पर मिलना हुआ और उम्र के उस पड़ाव में भी उनकी कभी न कम होने वाली उर्जा और बुलंद आवाज़ अब हमेशा कानों में गूंजती रहेगी ……

Maa Padmavati


आदरणीय माँ पद्मावती,

नमन !!

आपके बलिदान और मान सम्मान का दायित्व हम सब पर है और विशेषकर कर के हम मेवाड़ वासियों पर जहाँ आप ब्याह कर पधारे थे. मैं नहीं जनता की संजय लीला भंसाली की फिल्म में आपका कैसा चित्रण करा गया है ना ही जान सकूँगा (क्यूंकि यह फिल्म राजस्थान में नहीं लगने वाली) और ना ही जानने का उत्सुक हूँ. हमारी आस्थाओं और स्वाभिमान से खिलवाड़ करने का हक किसी को नहीं वहीँ हमारा भी यह दायित्व है की इसकी सुरक्षा के लिए हम दूसरों को असुरक्षित और असहज महसूस ना होने दें.

आप माँ हैं और सब जानती हैं फिर भी आपको बताना चाहूँगा की मैं आपका नाम लेकर जो बवाल मचाया जा रहा है मैं उससे आहात हूँ. कल ही गुरुग्राम में आपके मान सम्मान की रक्षा की आड़ मैं स्कूल बस पर पथराव किया गया और आज मेरे कार्यालय के कुछ ही दूर एक छोटे व्यापारी का सामान और सम्मान दोनों रोड पर उछालते हुए आपके नाम का जयकारा लगाया जा रहा था. क्या यह ठीक है ??

आप से माफ़ी भी मांगना चाहूँगा की चित्तोड़ दुर्ग में अनेकों बार जाने का सौभाग्य प्राप्त हुआ खासकर हमारी परिवार की कुलदेवी कालका माता के दर्शन हेतु लेकिन कभी जौहर स्थल जाने का सोचा भी नहीं. इस फिल्म के कारन अब मैं विश्वास दिलाता हूँ की अगली बार उस पवित्र स्थल के दर्शन ज़रोर करूँगा. मैं उस बात के लिए भी क्षमाप्रार्थी हूँ की सैंकड़ों अनभिज्ञ लोगों की तरह मैंने भी वोह कांच और महल देखा है और साथ ही स्कूल की इतिहास विषय में लिखी पड़ी इस बात को सच माना था अब तक.

आपका मेवाड़वासी,

दीपक सुखाड़िया


13 things I did during 3 days of Netbandi


13 things I did during 3 days of Netbandi.

  1. Cursed the administration for shutting down the internet for 3 (can u believe it ???) days.
  1. This gave me one more opportunity to grudge about the misrule of the current dispensation and their failure to back rhetoric with action. The case in point being the whole concept of Digital India.
  1. Opened the laptop to clean and sort out decades old files and pictures and sort them in orderly manner in different folders.
  1. Repeated the above point for my mobile as well.
  1. Deleted apps from my mobile that I don’t even remember downloading.
  1. Got the time to see that I have till date downloaded more than 1k+ songs ( and I claim to be tone deaf) on wynk music and in these three days deleted more than 200+ songs.
  1. Sorted my contacts List.
  1. My handset which is usually on a ventilator by the end of each day survived 2 straight days without having anything inserted in it.
  1. Realised that  SMS अभी भी जिंदा है.
  1. Hated not telling the world (थोडा ज्यादा हो गया) actually more like 1300 odd Friends and 400+ followers on FB/Instagram that how interesting/fascinating my life has been and how supremely talented/intelligent I am, in the last 3 days.
  1. Missed out on the information / news (To be read as Gossip and fodder for discussions).
  1. Wrote this blogpost as there was an urge to type because a blank laptop screen was getting too much to bear.
  1. Repeated Point No. 1

Tuscany Wedding


The morning of 12th December as I read the newspaper the one thing that stayed with me, media and the most of us is the ethereal pictures of The VRUSHKA (For the uninitiated it’s the acronym for Virat- Anushka) Wedding. So since everyone has something to say about this wedding I too would like to voice my opinion or shall I say write down my take on this wedding and here it is:

  • The visuals some of which were officially released and some which we were dished out on most of our whatsapp groups taken by I presume by the guests at the wedding were absolutely stunning. But it would be foolish to accept anything different from a wedding of a top-notch Bollywood Actress and Indian Skipper.
  • I don’t know about the others the first thing I searched was the venue of the wedding : Borgo Finocchieto. Now that I have ingested all the information of this Hotel and ample free publicity given to this hotel by the over enthusiastic media. All I can say that is if I get married again this is the place I want the nuptials to be and going by my current marital status it’s never going to happen. Maybe the next life but that also seems doubtful for I have sinned and sure to be born as some low creepy insect.
  • If there is one person whose business this wedding has boosted is definitely Sabyasachi. Not that he needed it, but to milk the wedding on Instagram and other social media platforms for your own brands publicity from the fabric used, to jewellery, to style of 80fc92aa-eae9-4316-aa46-e7e0eb8ea821embroidery that the newlyweds have worn is frankly too much. It seems he was just waiting for official statement from Vrushka to hit the send button on his Instagram to tell the whole world about their wardrobe. Virat – Anushka should thank God that Mr. Mukherjee doesn’t design lingerie !!
  • From whatever visuals those are doing the rounds luckily the wedding décor is simple and elegant and not turned into a pompous filmy set. Thumbs Up for the same (As if the team behind it even care about my opinion or feedback). क्या करूँ फिर भी बोलना तो पड़ेगा आखिर आदत से मजबूर हूँ.
  • इटली में शादी करो , इतना खर्चा करो और बेचारे पंडितजी पहनें वही सादा धोती कुर्ता !! और Tuscany की सर्दी से बचने के लिए 2017-12-13.pngउन्होनें इनर पहना वोह भी दिखता हुआ ब्लैक कलर का, घोर नाइंसाफी है !! अरे सब्यसाची नहीं तो कम से कम मान्यवर से थोडा स्टाइल वाले 2-3 धोती कुर्ते का सेट स्पोंसर कराये देते कोहली जी !!
  • वैसे एक और सवाल मन में उठ रहा है क्या विदेश में जाके भी फूफा / मासा  की मान मनुवर करनी पड़ती है या इटली की हवाओं में सब सुधर जाते हैं ??

खैर मुझे क्या उनकी शादी वोही निपटें , मैं क्यों बेगानी शादी में अब्दुल्लाह दीवाने जैसा हो रहा हूँ. ना रिश्तेदारी, ना जान पहचान और कर रहा हैं दो प्यार करने वालों की शादी का post-mortem !!

Like they say in Fairy Tales may they both LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER …..