Yesterday we all were left shell-shocked with the news of actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death by suicide: From a small-town and making a successful transition from TV to Films, his was a success few others have been able to replicate.

According to media reports he was suffering from depression and this is what made him take his own life.

But can we ever know what goes inside someone’s brains?? When do those billions of neurons in the brains start malfunctioning? Who are we to judge and offer solutions?

Are suicidal thoughts a pre-cursor to an attempt to suicide and is attempt to suicide a step towards that last fatal one? When staying positive and strong does not help what do we do? How do we seek help?

Not everyone is blessed with family/friends to take care of one’s mental health even they are sometimes ill-equipped to handle these matters. Seeking help of a psychiatrist conjures up all kind of reactions and reluctances.

Every other day we read stories about suicide for one reason or another, how does one start the journey on the ardours road? I have an aunt who is known to have luckily unsuccessfully attempted this thrice and each time she has managed to have her way and come out stronger. She has been lucky that her family was there to support and listen to her but not everyone has fate on their side.

These are the beautiful lines from a song of Ghazal Maestro Jagjit Singh’s album Someone Somewhere that he released after the death of his young son in 1990 that encapsulates the feeling beautifully.

फ़ुर्सत किसे थी जो मेरे हालात पूछता,  हर शख़्स अपने बारे में कुछ सोचता मिला

उसने तो ख़ैर अपनों से मोड़ा था मुँह,  मैंने ये क्या किया के मैं ग़ैरों से जा मिला ….

Letter to Anna Hazare


Dear Anna,

Hope this letter finds you in the best of health and spirit!!

I have been wanting to write to you since a long time now, but the recent appointment of your colleague and fellow traveler to the post of Lt. Governor of Puducherry made me finally take this call.

I first heard about you while in college in Mumbai as we had a chapter dedicated to the great work you had been doing in Ralegoan Siddhi, then a sleepy hamlet in the interiors of Maharashtra and the next time I heard when you ignited and lit up the nation with your call for a Corruption Free India and Jan Lok Pal Bill.

Candle Light March in Udaipur. (Me in Striped Blue Shirt)

Like the millions across the nation, I too was sold out on this idea and leaving aside my political ideology had marched in your support in Udaipur. Patriotic Emotions welled up in my heart every time you went on a Hunger Strike and reached the crescendo after the famous run to the Rajghat after being released from the Tihar Prison ( ) .But how short lived was this dream run??? Like the saying goes “Road to hell is paved with good intentions” this one too didn’t live up to the expectations.

downloadOne by one the nation saw your core team of India Against Corruption go their separate ways and milk each drop of fame and mileage they got from this Andolan.
• Arvind Kejriwal became the Delhi CM and is now nursing National Ambitions.
• Kumar Vishwas jacked up his rates for कवि सम्मलेन as the agitation gave him national recognition.
• Kiran Bedi is now the Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry.
• Shazia Ilmi, Ashish Khetan, Ashutosh have became नेता from पत्रकार.
• Anupam Kher has now become the most loyal voice of His Master besides being a Padma Awardees.

The only people that have lost out is you and the calm Composed Yogendra Yadav. You are a man of small needs so I am presuming going back to Ralegoan Siddhi wasn’t difficult but for Yogendra Yadav he has lost his moral voice of being a psephologist and have to bide his time playing a supporting role to the acerbic Prashant Bhushan.

Anna, where is the promised utopian Jan Lokpal Bill?? Arvind Kejriwal isn’t talking about it nor is the current political dispensation at the Center and now is it factor for the Aam Aadmi. For the Indian Voters have voted in Lalu Prasad Yadav’s RJD with the maximum seats in Bihar Assembly, Jayalitha whose conviction has been stayed by the courts creates history and gets a second consecutive term as the Tamil Nadu CM.

Corruption is a malice that the country suffers from but as we have seen in the past it is not the main issue. There are far greater issues that demand immediate solutions then the one you remained hungry for.

Please don’t stay away from the limelight, because all governments need your moral compass for course correction.

Deepak Sukhadia

Liquor Ban


As was promised in his election manifesto, one of the first major decisions Nitish Kumar does after swearing in as the Chief Minister of Bihar for the fifth time around is to Ban alcohol from the state w.e.f 1st April 2016.

Seriously in this age and times is banning alcohol even practically possible??  Besides the obvious revenue loss for the state which is being pegged around Rs. 3500+ crores, how do you even ensure its strict compliance?

Coming from Udaipur, a city on the bordering the state of Gujarat where complete prohibition has been in place since the 1960’s, every day I see some of our brethren coming across the border just to enjoy a glass or two and what’s wrong in that ?? Intoxication in various forms has been always there since time immemorial and would continue for times to come. Like Harivansh Rai Bachhan has put in his iconic poem Madhushala:

बड़े बड़े परिवार मिटें यों, एक न हो रोनेवाला,

हो जाएँ सुनसान महल वे, जहाँ थिरकतीं सुरबाला,

राज्य उलट जाएँ, भूपों की भाग्य सुलक्ष्मी सो जाए,

जमे रहेंगे पीनेवाले, जगा करेगी मधुशाला

Why such a premium on absenteeism? Everything needs to be consumed in moderation and that applies to anything. Even in the state of Gujarat it is not too difficult to find one’s quota provided you know the right source and it is the worst kept secret of the state police. Every other day we read reports in local Udaipur Newspapers regarding trucks being caught and apprehended on their way to fulfill the demands of people living on the other side of the state border. And from what I hear these days the state govt. is little eased out in giving Individuals Permits and also relaxing the norms for people travelling to the state from outside.

So only thing this demand usually does is to start the production of illicit liquor and bootlegging, as per a report the start of the organized crime in Mumbai was in a direct relation to the prohibition in then the state of Bombay. Have seen families suffer because of ill effects of liquor but is it to do with an external factor or more to do with the psychological needs of that individual. If not alcohol there are other means of intoxication , especially in some of the areas of Rajasthan in terms of dependency on Bhaang , opium and its by-products , what about their ill effects??

To set the matter straight, alcohol isn’t my cup of tea not because I consider it bad but because I could never enjoy its taste, to each his own and who am I to disagree??

Bihar Waalon you have time to get tipsy till 31st March 2016 and then the neighboring states will  take care of your needs like we have been doing it for ours . To end by once again quoting Bachhan sb,

बैर बढ़ाते मस्जिद मन्दिर, मेल कराती मधुशाला…..

Bihar 2015


Dear Modi ji ,

By now all the data must have been analysed to the last details and some of the analyst will definitely try insulating you from the disaster and loss of face that has happened for your party and more specifically for u !!

Just hope that you realize within a short span of 16 months since you came to power in May 2015 the public has rejected the growing intolerance, religious bigotry and the polarization of us as Indians on communal lines. What worked for you in Gujarat from 2002 do not and cannot be replicated on a Pan India basis. You will have to take all the constituents together be it the minorities, opposition and the disgruntled sections of the society, mere words do not matter they have to be backed by actions.

The public voted you in for development and good governance, so plz start delivering them and get out of the campaign mode and into that of able administrator. You do not have to win all state elections personally, leave that for the state leadership.

Beef is a non issue and the growing intolerance is most definitely is , irrespective of what Mr. Anupam Kher tells you, the intelligentsia and the middle class is over and done with your great oratory skills (btw the speeches in these elections were unbecoming for the PM of India)

So start delivering and stop campaigning !!

Dear Nitish Babu and Lallo ji ,

Many Many congratulations for the spectacular win in these elections!! It is unprecedented in the history of state elections where the anti incumbency in a state of Bihar is just not an issue and people have voted your alliance with an over whelming majority. The people have reposed faith in your leadership and administration.

I have just one humble request that you both prove the previous example of the Janta Pariwar wrong and stay together and not squabble over petty issues. The issue of CM is settled so Lalooji plz act like a big brother so guide & cooperate with Nitish Babu to provide governance to Bihar and to pull it out of BIMARU state category and be a showcase for the other CM’s. Let this be the beginning of the end of the communal politics in India and your state be the torch bearer of this mission.

Dear Rahul ji,

You have risen like the Phoenix, after everyone had written you off after the 2014 debacle. It is only because of your initiative the ‘Mahagathbandhan’ was put in place and was able to stop the Modi juggernaut in Bihar and to put him on a back foot country over. Congress has made mistakes in the past but the party has learned and moved on and like how!!

The only way forward is to take along the non communal forces together for that is what the people of India deserve and need and we are so proud that Dr. C P Joshi ji a leader from our region of Rajasthan i.e. Mewar was in charge of the congress campaign in these elections.

Dear Pollster,

You all have it got it horribly wrong!! You cannot do any forecast irrespective of your methodology , sample size , experience and the certification from Yogendra Yadav ji. For you it’s just a guessing game and who ever claims to get it right is just a matter of luck and fluke, PERIOD !!

Only thing you are good at doing are postmortems which even I am good at as you can see from the above letters to the three principal players of the Bihar Elections !!

Till all this is looked into we shall have to see and wait and see what the future holds, to quote the Great Poet Faiz Sb…

हम देखेंगे, लाज़िम है की हम भी देखेंगे

हम देखेंगे , वोह दिन की जिस का वादा है

जो लौह-ऐ-अज़ल पे लिखा है , हम देखेंगे  …..