13 things I did during 3 days of Netbandi


13 things I did during 3 days of Netbandi.

  1. Cursed the administration for shutting down the internet for 3 (can u believe it ???) days.
  1. This gave me one more opportunity to grudge about the misrule of the current dispensation and their failure to back rhetoric with action. The case in point being the whole concept of Digital India.
  1. Opened the laptop to clean and sort out decades old files and pictures and sort them in orderly manner in different folders.
  1. Repeated the above point for my mobile as well.
  1. Deleted apps from my mobile that I don’t even remember downloading.
  1. Got the time to see that I have till date downloaded more than 1k+ songs ( and I claim to be tone deaf) on wynk music and in these three days deleted more than 200+ songs.
  1. Sorted my contacts List.
  1. My handset which is usually on a ventilator by the end of each day survived 2 straight days without having anything inserted in it.
  1. Realised that  SMS अभी भी जिंदा है.
  1. Hated not telling the world (थोडा ज्यादा हो गया) actually more like 1300 odd Friends and 400+ followers on FB/Instagram that how interesting/fascinating my life has been and how supremely talented/intelligent I am, in the last 3 days.
  1. Missed out on the information / news (To be read as Gossip and fodder for discussions).
  1. Wrote this blogpost as there was an urge to type because a blank laptop screen was getting too much to bear.
  1. Repeated Point No. 1

Mind Your Own Business !!


Scene one – FB Messenger 00:30 AM

WW 1 : नमस्ते Sir, कैसे हैं ?
Me : बढ़िया हूँ , और आप ??
WW 1 : आज कल दिल्ली में हूँ ?
Me : क्या कर रहे हो ?
WW 1 : Liaisoning का काम कर रहा हूँ !! (Sends me a Screen Shot of Google Maps showing off his location at a Delhi Based 5 Star )
WW 1 : आपके काम में मज़ा नहीं आ रहा ??
Me: Good Nite

Scene Two – FB Messenger 00:15 AM

WW 2– How are you Sir?
Me – Doing Good !!
WW 2 – (Starts giving me Political Gyaan)
Me – Good Nite.

WW- Well Wisher???

This is the oft repeated midnight messages that I receive from some of my FB friends who think that just suppose I update my status late at night I am game to receive their ज्ञान.

Thidownload (1)s first WW is busy showing off the success (questionable) that he has achieved that has taken him from a small town of Rajasthan to the lobbies of Delhi Five Star Hotels and I guess that qualifies him to question my work!! I have somehow always found this lobbying and Liaison work little dubious and questionable but again to each his own. The conversation left me wondering what kind of work of mine would give him मज़ा !!

The Second WW happens to be a small time reporter of an equally small news agency with an ego that doesn’t commensurate with the quality and size of his work, was immediately unfriended after wishing him a Good Night !

To set the record straight and I repeat, no one can question my work or the lack of it!!

रंज गलतियों का हो मुझे …. मुनासिब है…..
आप की सोच का लेकिन …. हरगिज़ नहीं ….

Friends from Facebook

images (1)This Saturday evening just across the chair, where I was sitting while getting my hair colored at the saloon was an acquaintance getting his beard trimmed. We have been Facebook Friends since 2014 with 83 mutual friends as of today!! So while we were getting through the mundane tasks of getting ourselves groomed, we so tried hard in ignoring each other and not to acknowledge each other’s presence that we eventually succeeded at our stupidity !!

Well I am presuming that he knows me as well, as we have met and been introduced at some random previous occasion, and any ways Udaipur is too small a place to not know each other. The lack of acknowledgment wasn’t because of any kind of hostility but more to do with who is going to first break the ice. Well as for me I am happy living in my cocoon and wouldn’t make that move, so we just let the moment pass and triumphed in acting oblivious to each others presence.

downloadDuring the initial phase of Facebooking I would get cheap thrills in adding up friends and confirming request without knowing them personally and then the issues of privacy started creeping and at the risk of offending people started asking them “Do we know each other?” when they would send ‘Friend Request’. In one such instance a person got so offended that he was just short of abusing me and claimed I knew him , well for me I couldn’t and still don’t recognize him. Moreover during that early phase people weren’t putting their real profile pictures so it was hard to place them because I am pathetic with names.

I am writing this because it is rare for virtual friendships to convert into real ones that has happened with me but that has been few and far in between.images I have known people being friends with the whole world till they touch the limit of 5000 and wonder if even 10 % of these friends would acknowledge them in public. So lately have started pruning the list on regular intervals and removing friends who don’t respond to my posts, Guys !! if u get the hint better start acknowledging me in public ,  liking my posts and praising me unnecessarily if u wish to remain my “Facebook Friend”.

Well I too have been guilty of the same offence where in I have added people if I have found them interesting in terms of looks, humor or otherwise without knowing them personally. So if they give me back in the same measure, I would surely be disappointed for being ‘unfriended’ but such is life in the Virtual World !!

By the way , I am still undecided whether to unfriend that person I met in the salon !!

Happy Diwali !!


Happy Diwali!!

I woke up this morning grumpy, drained from the week of festivities that started from the 9th November, coming to a close with loads of wishes and goodwill generated, if true would help me sail pass the mundane everyday life with ease and comfort!!

So was this Diwali any different than the previous one and the answer is a big NO!!

Was it less tiring and comfortable than the previous one, the answer to that one too is a big NO!!

I fail to understand why our festivals have to be so physically tiring. Maybe if i do not sleep by 4.30 AM playing the games that one is supposed to play during Diwali and lose sleep over the hours and the money lost on it, maybe then I won’t be tired so much!! But what is Diwali without these games?? Moreover with the lack of domestic help during the festival and no excuse to avoid the domestic chores for fear of getting into the firing line of wife adds to the already exhausted muscles, tendons and whatever that is supposed to ache.

Sometimes I feel that they should be a ban on meeting anyone for 2 days after Diwali. Stay Home, catch up on the sleep lost and just chill. Like it happens these days when you receive invite for a party to consider a message or email as a personal one, so should be the case for Diwali. Each message sent should be considered a personal phone call and phone call should be considered as a personal visit, Period!! No personal visit should be mandated no matter what the elders tell you.

Grace period of 4 days should be allowed to reply to all the messages flooding your inbox, be it on FB, whatsapp, Twitter and SMS and no copy paste job just a plain Thank You is perfect. The Kaju Katli , Badam- Pista, is something I am not even looking at forget tasting till 2016 is ushered in.

Each Diwali however there was this SRK film that I would look forward but that simple pleasure has been snatched away with the release of the Big Budget Family Entertainer of Bhai: Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and this also isn’t looking to promising. But old habits die hard , will still go and watch the same and shall crib and crib after the show, that I m sure of considering the trailers and the reviews.

However to set the record straight, the above in no way takes away the sanctity of the festival or the festivities surrounding it that the others may have. It is just my personal experience and angst and do not expect many to subscribe to it.

PS : The last line has been used to avoid being exiled to neighboring countries by the majority tolerant sections of the society.