I remember seeing the first look of this movie ages back in which Rajkumar Rao is seen wearing a wedding turban and I thought this movie is going to be similar to the films being based in small town India. Well I was right about that one but the movie was nothing like what I had seen earlier.

This film is about a small town – Chanderi that is haunted by a witch who abducts and kills men during an annual four day festival leaving behind just the clothes of the victim. The only remedy to this problem is to stay indoors in the night with a message for the STREE i.e. The Witch written on the walls of each house of this town. Like all the small town movies there is this protagonist played by Rajkumar Rao, his buddies, some unusual characters thrown in mouthing hilarious dialogues and then there is this mystery woman played by Shradha Kapoor for whom our hero is besotted by.

The film is scary and also left me splits in most parts especially the scenes when the village’s Mr. Know-it-all played brilliantly by Pankaj Tripathi is trying to find ways to get rid of that witch. We also have a friend of the hero who gets possessed by the witch and how he is being contained.stree-nale-ba-759

The movie belongs to Rajkumar Rao who has graduated from being a Saree salesman in Bariely Ki Barfi to a Ladies Tailor in this film and whose clientele is spread across nearby 3-4 towns so we are told. Only he has the skill set to play this small town simpleton with such earnest. He is cocky, goofy and funny in the film. He nails it when he is asked to show love towards STREE and despite being shit scared he looks into her eyes and tries to woo her in Shahrukh’s trademark style. There is this another scene in which his father tries talking to him about the adulthood and rising hormones.

STREE is brilliant example how clever and funny writing and brilliant ensemble cast can lift a plot that may seem wafer thin but when put all together delivers a great film watching experience.

Highly recommended!!

TRIVIA – We were seated in a row where there were a couple on both sides of our seats. One was busy clicking selfies and holding each other’s hands (No, I didn’t witness anything more) and the other couple made me feel as if I was in an echo chamber as they were repeating / pre-empting all the brilliant dialogues. This so reminded me of the good old days of single screen theatres in Udaipur, only thing missing was the company of cats/rats and the samosas.

Dobaara : See your Evil


So it’s been more than a month since Bahubali 2 released and until now there hadn’t been anything worthwhile that made me venture inside a movie theatre. I had been inkling to watch a movie and lo-behold the marketing team of Dobaara made sure it generated enough interest to watch it .

It had everything going for it from the stellar cast of brother-sister duo of Saqib Saleem and Huma Qureshi, Adil Hussain and Lisa Ray in the main leads. With a promise to showcase Bollywood Horror away from the sleaze, gore and background music that is generally dished out in this genre. The premise of this is that there is a Possessed Mirror that blurs lines between real and imaginary world and that makes the owner do all sorts of evil things.

So far so good and we take our seats in a near empty hall and letting that deter our spirits we gear for a chilling movie night. But 15-20 minutes into the movie I realised there is something amiss, half way thru the film there isn’t a single scary moment. The actors hamming it up and trying too hard to look and act the part with a put on Brit accent, mouthing some psychology mumbo-jumbo.

The second part comes and goes barring one scary moment (only if I u insist for this is supposed to be a different Horror Film) there is hardly anything. Too many time shifts and slow pace just doesn’t work for me. For me it was an utter waste of time, money. I would have rather stayed back home and finished the Season 5 of House of Cards. The Underwood’s machinations and definitely more scary than this movie.

Forget ‘Dobara’ and not even worth watching once. Like I say don’t go by opinion, go if u have to but don’t blame me for you are forewarned.