Dear Doctor,

I am taking the following for COVID prevention.

Yoga + Walk + Lemon Water + Turmeric powder in water + chayvanprash + Kachha Garlic + Kachha Ginger + Almond Kabuli + Anzeer Kabuli + Khurmani + Kali mirch + Laung in the mouth + Gargles of hot water and salt  + Drinking hot water only full day + Tulsi Batti ( Patanjali )+ Giloi batti ( Patanjali ) + Neem  Batti ( Patanjali ) + Arsenic Albs Homeopethic Medicine 5 drops in two spoons of water 5 days a month + Camphor 1M tablets plus HCQ plus azithral plus ivermectin.

Please suggest if I should take anything more.

Doctor’s Reply :: बस कर पगले, वरना तु अमर हो जाएगा !

Well above is a whatsapp forwarded message and in the real world the patient is me and the Doctor is my wife, who is now sick and tired of trying on any new medicine to boast immunity!!

So कोरोना काण्ड हुआ and it had me shit scared with waves of varied feelings hitting me one after another. पहले थोड़ा defiant होने का ढोंग करा और उदयपुर में positive cases आने के बाद वोह ढोंग भी हवा हो गया. फिर डरना चालू करा तो बेहतर recover rate रेट और vaccine की खबर सुन कर फिर थोड़े चौड़े घुमने लगे ही थे और शहर में कोरोना विस्फोट हो गया. 3 महीने के बाद इसी अच्छी-बुरी खबर के साथ जीना सिख रहे हैं.

The one thing that remained unchanged was the need to boost immunity, but again immunity doesn’t hadownload (16)ve a barometer by which it can measured. To measure when one needs it and when one needs to discontinue the supplements. Well I for one ensured most of my family members lived by the maxim: Better Safe than Sorry!!

Thus the need to boost immunity started with me calling up my Ayurvedic medicine sources luckily for me and unluckily for my members who became unwilling guinea pigs on this quest of boosting immunity, one of our neighbours runs an Ayurvedic Medicine Store.

download (17)So the first dose of immunity started in the month of March with some immunity syrups. Then came Rajiv Bajaj’s famous whatsapp messages about the benefits of Homeopathy and thus we all took the CAMPHORA – 1.

Because of the lockdown the immunity syrups were in short supply and I needed the daily immunity boosters thus came the homemade bitter powder: a concoction of God knows how many dry spices to be taken once a day.

I wanted more so I pestered and pestered my neighbor and who suggested some kind of Chaywanprash, the taste of which I have abhorred since my school days. But क्या करें, कोरोना के लिए वोह भी खाया and finally he had to tell me, बस भैया इससे ज्यादा किसी और चीज़ की ज़रुरत नहीं है!!

Besides the above there was lukewarm water, allopathic self-medication for even a slight deviance from the normal, less intake of cold-substances, washing hands, sanitizer, baths etc. etc…

Anything to keep this Corona at an arms’s distance or like they say 2 गज दूर.

सोच रहा हूँ की अब भी कुछ गड़बड़ हो गयी तो किसी आश्रम में शरण ले लूँगा !!




Florence Nightingale once famously said “It may seem a strange principle to enunciate as the very first requirement in a hospital that it should do the sick no harm.” She couldn’t have chosen better words to describe the dark, desolate and depressing hospitals that are supposed to make us feel better.

Lately i have had the misfortune to visit the dreaded hospitals quite a few times for various reasons and each visit has left me a little under the weather. No matter what the gravity of the disease the wait for the test results, the doctor’s visit and the diagnosis is something that is unbearable and toxic.

Over the years i have realised irrespective whether the hospitals are Government managed or run like a three / five star hotels makes us feel no different, other than the difference in hygiene and the sensitization of the Nursing Staff, the patient and their families always go thru the same emotions. The anxiety, the patience and the wait is something that they all offer in equal measures. The families of the patients empathise with each other and share the pain. New and painful medical treatments that these hospitals inform us with are something, we are never prepared to fathom.

download (15)

Hospitals are the place that is supposed to ease our pain and sorrow but the path leading up to that destination isn’t easy and comfortable. The emotional, financial and physical turmoil is not something that everyone can handle. Well irrespective of all the above in the end we all will fight for our dear ones and go at extreme lengths to protect and heal them. For that is what family is there for to stand in our times of need.

The visit to a hospital is inevitable for there is nothing certain than death and taxes and to reach the former going thru the grind of a medical facility is mandatory. Like Atul Gawande in his book Being Mortal said “It is not death that the very old tell me they fear. It is what happens short of death—losing their hearing, their memory, their best friends, their way of life. As Felix put it to me, “Old age is a continuous series of losses.” Philip Roth put it more bitterly in his novel Everyman: “Old age is not a battle. Old age is a massacre.”

So just pray to God to spare me the dependency on a hospital and its equipments and when the end comes it to be quick not like a battle that takes ages but what takes place in a jiffy. Not being alive without consciousness and control but to say the final goodbyes fully awake, living and letting go.

By the way the only time the hospital have made me happy is when a new life is bought into the world by the birth of one’s own progeny and that is it !!