Speak Up

  I concede that it is a little late in the day to vent my anger and disgust against the recent rape incidents that has rocked our nation, but the recent polarization and crazy messages floating across the social media questioning this very angst and that also from the so called educated mass is surprising. … More Speak Up

Uniform Civil Code

BJP led NDA Government has asked the Law Commission to examine the issues relating to the implementation of Uniform Civil Code. This is the first time a Government has asked the commission which has a advisory role on such a politically controversial legal reform. Our Constitution under the Directive Principle of State Policy Article 44 … More Uniform Civil Code

Jai Bhim

Today is the day India celebrates the 125th Birth Anniversary of The Great B R Ambedkar – Babasaheb !! The legacy that he left behind still continues to guide and steer the political discussion across the spectrum. I wouldn’t delve too much in his achievements as Wikipedia will provide enough of that https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B._R._Ambedkar . This is … More Jai Bhim

Speak out !!

Since the Dadri incident the media and the political class across the spectrum has been profusely advocating their beliefs, ideologies and eccentricities to all and sundry, to anyone who care to listen to them. What is about this incident that has shaken the entire country?? Well as well all know it was about religious belief … More Speak out !!

Food and Religion

With the advent of the Jain Paryushan Parv the debate for food habits was ignited all over the country. The closing of the slaughter house for a day is ok but why should a carnivores be denied his pound of flesh. And also there are two sects of Jain Religion namely:  The Shwetambers and the … More Food and Religion