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With Sisters, nephews and nieces in town, Tubelight seemed the perfect way to usher in the weekend with a 9 AM First Day First Show. After all it was an Eid release of Salman Bhai and everything else could wait. Despite being sleep deprived after a late night and some grudging member of the entourage we just about managed to reach the Cinema Hall in time.

salman-khan_640x480_71497952767As the story line goes it’s about two brothers living in a small hill town in period starting from Pre-Partition days to the 1962 Indo-China War and their emotional connect. The elder one is good hearted intellectually challenged and the younger one is the protector and provider. The 1962 War changes it all as the younger one joins the army and thus begins the quest of the elder on to reunite with his brother.

These two are obviously Bhai and Sohal Bhai. With a brilliant supporting cast of Om Puri, Matin Rey Tangu, Zhu Zhu, Zeeshan Ayyub, Om Puri and the Superb Shah Rukh Khan. The young kid and his mother is the screen stealer and surprisingly Sohail Bhai for once is watchable and impressive.


Weaving human stories with arch enemies of India i.e. Pakistan and with this movies China seems to be forte of Kabir Khan: From Ek Tha Tiger, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Phantom and now TubeLight. He raises the patriotic feelings and message of Bhaichara perfectly thrown in. Someone please make him an ambassador of ‘Aman ki Asha’ provided he isn’t already. He manages to raise some pertinent questions on being an Indian, slogan shouting of ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ and likes.

The sets feel lived in and surroundings beautiful and the characters of small town real and noosy. Though the war sequences to me seemed little amateurish and too simple. There is too much of ‘Yakeen’ happening for my comfort and too mush symbolic Gandhism thrown in which feels contrived.

Then there is Bhai: Salman Bhai. What’s with actors trying to get out of their comfort zones to prove a point with different roles and failing, case in point being Bhai with this movie? Bhai is beyond reviews/critics but that doesn’t give him a liberty to ham it up playing this intellectually challenged character. Somehow his acting reminded me of Hritik Roshan from Koi Mil Gaya, just a tad better. I don’t know if that’s the way the actors are supposed to play it but it just doesn’t work for me.

The movie works well minus the hammy Bhai but what’s a Bhai movie without Bhai swag and charisma. Bhai Fans the reviews don’t matter and for the rest this TubeLight shines but not too brightly !!

Dobaara : See your Evil


So it’s been more than a month since Bahubali 2 released and until now there hadn’t been anything worthwhile that made me venture inside a movie theatre. I had been inkling to watch a movie and lo-behold the marketing team of Dobaara made sure it generated enough interest to watch it .

It had everything going for it from the stellar cast of brother-sister duo of Saqib Saleem and Huma Qureshi, Adil Hussain and Lisa Ray in the main leads. With a promise to showcase Bollywood Horror away from the sleaze, gore and background music that is generally dished out in this genre. The premise of this is that there is a Possessed Mirror that blurs lines between real and imaginary world and that makes the owner do all sorts of evil things.

So far so good and we take our seats in a near empty hall and letting that deter our spirits we gear for a chilling movie night. But 15-20 minutes into the movie I realised there is something amiss, half way thru the film there isn’t a single scary moment. The actors hamming it up and trying too hard to look and act the part with a put on Brit accent, mouthing some psychology mumbo-jumbo.

The second part comes and goes barring one scary moment (only if I u insist for this is supposed to be a different Horror Film) there is hardly anything. Too many time shifts and slow pace just doesn’t work for me. For me it was an utter waste of time, money. I would have rather stayed back home and finished the Season 5 of House of Cards. The Underwood’s machinations and definitely more scary than this movie.

Forget ‘Dobara’ and not even worth watching once. Like I say don’t go by opinion, go if u have to but don’t blame me for you are forewarned.


Bahubali – The Conclusion


Yesterday when I entered the cinemas it was buzzing with activity after a long-long time, the serpentine queues, the people waiting, the rush at the food counter and the restrooms. I guess it’s the true testimony of the fact that there was a huge positivity about Bahubali. There was not a single seat empty for even a 6.30 pm show.

And then the spectacular visual treat began; the movie had me at hello- so to say!! The opening sequence set the tone for the movie and must add it kept getting bigger, better and meaner. The plot is the classic sibling rivalry and the machiavellian ways of the Royal Kingdom of Maheshmati. But the credit must be given to the director for not letting the viewer feel bored or inattentive even for a minute in this 3 hour long epic saga.

The sets, costumes and emotions were 2*(Sanjay Leela Bhansali), the battle scenes and the methods shown were edge of the seat extravaganza. The gravity defying, engineering ideas are seen to be believed. Yes sometimes it did seem impossible but having grown up watching things far worse who’s complaining. The Bull Run, the Coronation, the Battle sequences can give any Hollywood movies run for its money.


But the movie belonged to Bahubali- Prabhas: the sheer strength, physicality and masculinity that he oozes is commendable. It’s impossible to imagine anyone else other than him as Bahubali. The supporting cast of the plot be it Anoshka Shetty as Devsena, Rana Daggubati as Bhalaldeva , Ramya as Shivgami and the indomitable Kattappa lifts the movie with their presence and acting prowess.

Only thing that doesn’t work (if it matters) like its prequel is the music maybe the movie of this scale need a Music Director only like A.R. Rahman.

No I am not going to reveal why Kattappa killed Bahubali for that whatsapp clip is already doing the rounds. Go watch the movie and get transported to The Kingdom of Maheshmati!!


Badrinath Ki Dulhania


This is the latest rom-com from Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions featuring his find Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt and another ‘Dulhania’ series after the earlier Humpty Sharma.

So the story is based in small town Kota and Jhansi (what’s with the fascination with small town) and about a simpleton Varun Dhawan and a free thinking career focussed with dreams Alia Bhatt, their families , customs, dowry , premium on male progeny and likes. Whereas Varun Dhawan wants to marry, our heroine has other plans.

For a rom-com this movie for me neither had romance nor comedy, everything was just nice nothing great. With completely avoidable songs barring the now mandatory club and the end credits songs.

Watch the movie only for the earnest performance of the lead pair and the hero’s Best Friend Somdev. The movie could have been shorter by at least 20 minutes; by the end of the movie my son who seldom watches movies in theatre was bored to death.

I have been to Kota only once in my life time and it was nowhere close to the sanitised/ beautiful version they show in the film. Humpty Sharma was going after his Dulhania following the hit formulae of DDLJ but alas Badrinath didn’t have the same to fall back upon and succeed and entertain.

For me the Badrinath the Groom and Vaidehi his Dulhania are best left alone to themselves for some fun and frolic.

Disclaimer : No one needs to watch or not to watch a movie according to my reviews. Just because I spend few hundreds don’t give me the right to put down efforts of numerous man-hours and Crores of the team behind the movies.

But opinionated as I am will certainly publish this as well !!

The Ghazi Attack


Before the movie begins in the theatre there is this huge disclaimer in which the filmmaker just falls short of saying that this movie is a just a piece of fiction , it being based on true events is pure imagination.

Having said that, this film is supposedly based on the successful attack on the Pakistani submarine – Ghazi by the Indian Navy in 1971 during the events leading to the Liberation war of Bangladesh. The way this mission was conducted and handled and the motives behind the same.

To give credit to the filmmaker there are no emotional back stories and even if there are no time is wasted whining over them. The run time is just around 2 hours which is perfect with no songs patriotic of otherwise. I am no navy expert but the feel of the submarines is real and the script never waivers from its intention of being a complete Naval War Film. In that scenario this is a welcome change for Hindi war films.

However what is missing is the excitement, palpability that is expected out of a war film. Again dnt understand naval protocols but the way K K Menon is projected as a hot headed captain and also the crew seemed little too chilled out (barring some technicians) both seems a little too hard to digest. Only thing the crew seems to be doing is either bracing for impact of the torpedoes or the submarine diving in the ocean depth.

Why is Tapsee Pannu even there in the movie?? Other than showing the humane side of Rana Duggubati and the plight of Mukti Vahini she is completely wasted. The Pakistani side seemed more vengeful and ready for the kill. A big shout to my senior and school alumni Rahul Singh for essaying the role of Pakistani Captain.

The filmmakers tries hard to raise the patriotic quotient by the playing the National Anthem and the ‘Sare Jahan se Achha’ but to me it seemed a little forced and contrived. And the one scene one the same is heard by the Pakistani crew in their submarines is typical Hindi Movie Tadka.

So should u watch this movie, I say u rather watch Rangoon tomorrow and if u still want to watch it go ahead its just 2 hours of your time.




This film is about the rise of a Robinhoodesque benevolent bootlegger from Gujarat, a celebration of the anti hero who finally succumbs to his deeds. Bootlegging is the worst kept secret of the only state in India which in papers is supposed to practice absolute Prohibition. This movie is about the nexus of the Bootelegger-Neta-Police-Consumer.

With a running time of around 144 min this one is fast paced, with great screenplay and has crisp and full on dialoguebaazi. What could have been definitely better was the music which kind of slows the pace and in some places feel forced, well the one wherein Ms. Leone features is definitely not the one I am talking about for that is for keeps.

Nawazuddin is brilliant as upright police officer who is perennially on the trail of Raees with his cat and mouse chase. Mohd. Zeeshan Ayyub who like his previous outings once again plays his brilliant supporting role. Mahira Khan is good but had nothing much to offer to be what our Indian actress couldn’t deliver.

raeesAfter the recent duds and becoming a kind of hate icon by the right wingers for his frank statements, SRK blows us with this amazing movie. It has the authentic feel of the period and the setting. It is like he is trying to prove a point to his detractors and he is successful in doing so. The whistles and the claps on his entry and dialogues proves he has a loyal fan base that includes me.

So like Raees says “दिन और रात तो लोगों के होते हैं, शेरों का तो ज़माना होता है”, go watch this movie because some bad Fridays don’t unmake a BADSHAH !!