Judwaa 2


20 years back I remember seeing Judwaa in Mumbai where I was then pursuing my Undergraduate Degree and if my memory doesn’t fail me it was the Metro Cinema. Those were the days when David Dhawan was at his peak churning our logic defying, crass yet comedy entertainers with his favourite Govinda. Salman Khan too had killed it with Judwaa fitting in perfectly with the David Dhawan’s brand of cinema.movieposter

20 years later as I took my kids to watch this movie last night I wasn’t expecting anything different from Dhawan & Sons(David & Varun). The Plot line remained the same : logic defying, misogynist, racist, sexist, sometimes funny, sometimes absolutely crazy, most times passable and an updated version tech savvy version of the original.

For the uninitiated the plot is about conjoined twins who thru surgery are separated at birth but with some funny statistics of one in 8 million, match each other’s reflexes (Plz don’t look for logic). The father of the twins gets Charles – a smuggler of diamonds (So Eighties) gets arrested and to take the revenge the smuggler takes one of the twins and leaves him on rail tracks who is eventually raised by a fisherwoman and the parents take the one with them and shift to London. So we have the street smart Mumbaiya – Raja and the London raised docile – Prem. Cimagesircumstances makes Raja travel to London and the craziness starts henceforth with lady love and glamour thrown in the form of Tapsee Pannu and Jackquiline Fernandez (she is way too plastic and botoxed).

The films has some crazy characters thrown in with Upasana Singh as the pushy mother (in the mould of Bindu), the Jat English Policeman, stammering Rajpal Yadav as the sidekick of Raja, amnesiac Vivan Bathena as the son of the Gangster Charles, Anupam Kher as the father of the bride and his doubting Brother-in-law, Ali Asgar as a Psychologist and Jhonny Lever as the owner of Travel Agency who’s into the business of making fake passports. There are loads of references to other Hindi Films in terms of dialogues, songs and scenes.

So you see it’s a complete no brainer with jokes and scenes coming in fast one after another. Varun Dhawan is the perfect actor to fit into Salman Khan’s shoes and he just doesn’t disappoint. Sadly download (2).jpgthe same cannot be said about his father David Dhawan who is still living in a time warp. The audience has moved on and there are filmmakers who has taken from where he left in the 90’s such as the likes of Rohit Shetty, Sajid Khan etc.

My kids who too are twins (no not the filmy reflex matching ones) went crazy laughing the entire duration of the movie alas it wasn’t the same in my case.

Badrinath Ki Dulhania


This is the latest rom-com from Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions featuring his find Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt and another ‘Dulhania’ series after the earlier Humpty Sharma.

So the story is based in small town Kota and Jhansi (what’s with the fascination with small town) and about a simpleton Varun Dhawan and a free thinking career focussed with dreams Alia Bhatt, their families , customs, dowry , premium on male progeny and likes. Whereas Varun Dhawan wants to marry, our heroine has other plans.

For a rom-com this movie for me neither had romance nor comedy, everything was just nice nothing great. With completely avoidable songs barring the now mandatory club and the end credits songs.

Watch the movie only for the earnest performance of the lead pair and the hero’s Best Friend Somdev. The movie could have been shorter by at least 20 minutes; by the end of the movie my son who seldom watches movies in theatre was bored to death.

I have been to Kota only once in my life time and it was nowhere close to the sanitised/ beautiful version they show in the film. Humpty Sharma was going after his Dulhania following the hit formulae of DDLJ but alas Badrinath didn’t have the same to fall back upon and succeed and entertain.

For me the Badrinath the Groom and Vaidehi his Dulhania are best left alone to themselves for some fun and frolic.

Disclaimer : No one needs to watch or not to watch a movie according to my reviews. Just because I spend few hundreds don’t give me the right to put down efforts of numerous man-hours and Crores of the team behind the movies.

But opinionated as I am will certainly publish this as well !!