This movie had everything going from it from its inception namely:

  • It was the launch vehicle of new kids on the block i.e. Late Sridevi & Boney Kapoor’s daughter – Jhanvi and the Stepbrother of Shahid Kapoor – Ishaan Khatar.
  • It was produced by one of my favourite Production Houses i.e. Karan Johar’s Dharma Production.
  • It was a remake of the highly acclaimed Marathi Film – Sairaat.
  • The promos looked fabulous, well all big budget production house films have excelled in this front.
  • It was based and shot in my UDAIPUR which was recently voted as the 3rd best city in the world.

For us the movie aficionados it was all the reasons to watch this one First Day First Show, after all didn’t want the other reviews to cloud my judgement about DHADAK.

The plot is about this lead pair who while studying in college flirt and fall in love much to the despair of both the families as the girl is a royalty from ‘UNCHI JAATI’. The first half is all about these innocent flirtations building up to the point where they caught and eventually run away from Udaipur far away from the families’ wrath all this happens before the interval. The second half is about them restarting and building their life in a new city and culminating into a climax that is shocking.

The movie touches many themes such as Casteism, Rajasthan’s erstwhile Rulers adapting to new India – being part of Democracy / Electoral Politics and Honour Killing. The songs are great but they seemed forced in the movie, I mean haven’t Dharma Productions heard of the concept of songs as a medium of taking the story forward. This is the least that can be expected from them.

The first half is engaging as we have actual young actors playing out as students and not some 30+ and Udaipur is shown in all its glory. Then second half is all downhill after that nothing seems to be happening to keep me engaged. Ishaan Khattar stands out as innocent naïve one of the pair while Jhanvi has shades of her mother but she definitely has a long way to go. Someone also please tell Ashutosh Rana to act in films in which he is not always angry.

Another jarring point as a native of Udaipur is that Rajasthan is not always to be equated with desert that is just in the north western part of Rajasthan, like that the filmmakers tried showing in the opening sequence. We love our kachoris, ghewar and churma but an eating competition is way tooooo stereotyping!! And where did the dialect come from?? There is no one standard Rajasthani that is spoken in my state, what we speak in Udaipur is Mewari which definitely doesn’t sound like it has been spoken in the film. All the above stereotyping would have been forgotten only if the movie was entertaining.

If you are interested in watching a movie on honour killing I would recommend Qayamt se Qayamat Tak or Sairaat if you have Netflix (I for one is soon watching it) instead. This film is about the heartbeat but the heart is definitely missing for it is lost somewhere in the adaption stage.

Bahubali – The Conclusion


Yesterday when I entered the cinemas it was buzzing with activity after a long-long time, the serpentine queues, the people waiting, the rush at the food counter and the restrooms. I guess it’s the true testimony of the fact that there was a huge positivity about Bahubali. There was not a single seat empty for even a 6.30 pm show.

And then the spectacular visual treat began; the movie had me at hello- so to say!! The opening sequence set the tone for the movie and must add it kept getting bigger, better and meaner. The plot is the classic sibling rivalry and the machiavellian ways of the Royal Kingdom of Maheshmati. But the credit must be given to the director for not letting the viewer feel bored or inattentive even for a minute in this 3 hour long epic saga.

The sets, costumes and emotions were 2*(Sanjay Leela Bhansali), the battle scenes and the methods shown were edge of the seat extravaganza. The gravity defying, engineering ideas are seen to be believed. Yes sometimes it did seem impossible but having grown up watching things far worse who’s complaining. The Bull Run, the Coronation, the Battle sequences can give any Hollywood movies run for its money.


But the movie belonged to Bahubali- Prabhas: the sheer strength, physicality and masculinity that he oozes is commendable. It’s impossible to imagine anyone else other than him as Bahubali. The supporting cast of the plot be it Anoshka Shetty as Devsena, Rana Daggubati as Bhalaldeva , Ramya as Shivgami and the indomitable Kattappa lifts the movie with their presence and acting prowess.

Only thing that doesn’t work (if it matters) like its prequel is the music maybe the movie of this scale need a Music Director only like A.R. Rahman.

No I am not going to reveal why Kattappa killed Bahubali for that whatsapp clip is already doing the rounds. Go watch the movie and get transported to The Kingdom of Maheshmati!!


Badrinath Ki Dulhania


This is the latest rom-com from Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions featuring his find Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt and another ‘Dulhania’ series after the earlier Humpty Sharma.

So the story is based in small town Kota and Jhansi (what’s with the fascination with small town) and about a simpleton Varun Dhawan and a free thinking career focussed with dreams Alia Bhatt, their families , customs, dowry , premium on male progeny and likes. Whereas Varun Dhawan wants to marry, our heroine has other plans.

For a rom-com this movie for me neither had romance nor comedy, everything was just nice nothing great. With completely avoidable songs barring the now mandatory club and the end credits songs.

Watch the movie only for the earnest performance of the lead pair and the hero’s Best Friend Somdev. The movie could have been shorter by at least 20 minutes; by the end of the movie my son who seldom watches movies in theatre was bored to death.

I have been to Kota only once in my life time and it was nowhere close to the sanitised/ beautiful version they show in the film. Humpty Sharma was going after his Dulhania following the hit formulae of DDLJ but alas Badrinath didn’t have the same to fall back upon and succeed and entertain.

For me the Badrinath the Groom and Vaidehi his Dulhania are best left alone to themselves for some fun and frolic.

Disclaimer : No one needs to watch or not to watch a movie according to my reviews. Just because I spend few hundreds don’t give me the right to put down efforts of numerous man-hours and Crores of the team behind the movies.

But opinionated as I am will certainly publish this as well !!