Usually when I write a movie review it’s mostly the same day or maximum it gets posted the very next day, however this time it’s been 4-5 days since I saw THAPPAD at the cinema and the review is coming out now!! The reason being this movie confused me, made me ask some uncomfortable questions and also it was hard to judge it.

So the plot is about a young corporate Guy living with his wife and mother, all is hunky dory till in the moment of fury and frustration he slaps his wife and how things starts unravelling thereafter. Each relationship is bought to the table for scrutiny, introspection and re-evaluation.

Tapsee Pannu who plays the wife cannot get over the fact that she has been slapped by her husband she moves to her parents place, gets a lawyer and demands a fair redress to her rights. She does get coaxed by her family, even her lawyer to forget it after all its just one थप्पड़ and move on but she digs her heel in!!

This becomes the precursor of unravelling / setting a new dynamic to people who are associated with her be it her parents, her lawyer, her brother and his Girlfriend, her mother-in-law and even her domestic help.

Some of us have been conditioned to accept and ignore physical violence in marriages, I am sure we know couples who face this and the wives continues to bear the brunt of her husband’s abuse for fear of family name , her security but we carry on ignoring. I mean don’t the husband realise its wrong. Most of us still live in a society where the roles are pre-determined, thousands of years of patriarchy is something जो जाते से ही जायेगी!!!

Coming back to this movie – Premise is good, the star cast bang on, the long silences work in the movie but in the second half I wanted a remote control in my hand to Fast Forward some sequences. I really liked the opening sequence where the inconsequential Orange Candy Bar (maybe a metaphor for love), sets the relationship dynamics between the different couples in the movie.

Did I see myself in the movie? Most definitely (before you jump to conclusion I am not Physical abusive) !!

Am I a practicing patriarch?? Well YES, but I like to believe I am a little emancipated

It is too late for my movie review to make you want to watch this in theater near you or wait for it to get released on some OTT Platform, either way it will definitely make you question certain things !!




This film is set in the small town of Gwalior and Vrindavan and the whole premise hinges on the “Modern Concept” of LIVE-IN.

The hero is TV News Anchor on a Local News Network where the heroine also starts interning after graduating from Delhi. Her father is a right-wing neta, dead against Live-In relationships and is the protector of Bhartiya Sanskriti. The pair fall in love and the only condition by the heroine is the she wants to live-in before they take the final plunge.

And this very demand takes them to Gwalior, pestered by nosy aunty and sneaky neighbours before being caught by the hero’s relatives and the confusion ensues. From the falsehood about their marriage to the failed attempts in actually getting married with each other haggled on by their relatives.

The star cast starting from Karthik Aaryaan, Kirti Sanon, to the colourfully dressed Pankaj Tripathi, to the Neta/Father Vinay Pathak and the side kick of the hero Aparshakti Khurana play their parts well. So does the ensemble of actors playing the relatives. The songs in the first half seemed forced and unnecessary. And the real peppy song like Coca-Cola gets wasted in the end credits and Poster Chapwa wasn’t there only. That’s certainly unfair.

Movies set in small towns seem to be flavour of the season for Bollywood. So like this genre there is situational comedy, relatives with their own quirkiness, use of local dialect, shot on real location etc. These movies are like the millennium versions of Hrishikesh Mukherjee and Basu Chaterjee’s films.

What works for me in the movie is the lead pair and their easiness and some of the scenes are really funny. The movie doesn’t real offer anything new what the movies from this genre haven’t offered earlier. But it doesn’t disappoint either.

One of the sadhus when asked about his take on LIVE-IN says “प्रेम है तो सब पवित्र है”, and in another there is this line “मुस्लिम हूँ एलियन नहीं”, with some interesting writing this one is light-breezy film, fulfilling the entertainment quotient for the weekend.



A few days back while on cycling on the banks of Lake Pichhola, amidst the trash that some of us throw so carelessly were photographs. A close inspection revealed they wern’t mere photographs but indeed wedding albums – torn and thrown in the lake. Still lying there, not yet swept away by the water to the depth of the lake bed.

thumbnail (7)

There were happy faces of elated parents, siblings and friends on the wedding rituals of their loved ones. The memories carefully stored in glossy albums in plastic cover- Photographs that were posed for, smiled for and fussed over, lying here now unclaimed, unloved and grieved over.

The relationships that may have once been investigated, checked over now all that covered with moss of broken dreams and unfulfilled desires.

How does one recover? How does one forget?

When things get thrown away, do we also necessarily empty out what once lived within?

How long before these photographs becomes part of the soil??

Or like the non-degradable plastic covered albums these memories continue to live with us forever??

Who to judge, who to questions and what to remorse??

And this reminded me so much of the famous lines of the Ghazal sung by Late Jagjit Singh:

तेरे ख़त आज मैं गंगा में बहा आया हूँ ,

आग बहते हुये पानी में लगा आया हूँ ………

More the Merrier: China

images (7)China ends one-child policy, allows couples to have two children screamed the headlines everywhere today, be in on TV, FB, Twitter and even at places which has nothing to do with remotely  with any kind of news.

The policy that started way back in the 1970’s by the Chinese government to control its exploding population. Well I am sure it must have definitely would have able to achieve its objects but at what cost. It is one thing for couples to not have more than one child voluntarily and another to be barred from having more by imposing government restrictions.

fp In the Indian context the govt has gone from “हम दो हमारे दो” to espousing the cause of one child per couple. As a result of the measures the fertility rate has more than halved (from 5.7 in 1966 to 2.4 in 2012), but the national fertility rate is still high enough to cause long-term population growth. Indian are still adding up to 1,000,000 people to its population every 20 days. Luckily no government sanctions to have just one child till date.

fp1The only restriction is for the contestants in the local body elections to not have more than 2 kids, however the same is not apply the same to MLA & MP’S which is very discriminatory.

Having lived in a usual large Indian family with 3 sisters and countless cousins (first /second / third: if there is anything such as one) what would life be without them. Till much later in life they were the friends I had, people I hung out with and whose company I always looked forward to. It is a different matter that as I grew older the imperfections became quite apparent, the prejudices and hostility came in the forefront, but again like they say the blood is thicker in water and no one makes worst enemies than your closest relationships.

I can’t even begin to imagine with a world without siblings and cousins. So what would happen to those मुहावरे !!

  • For lack of Wife’s Sister there would be no half wives ( साली आधी घर वाली) !!
  • For lack of Wife’s Brother the who would be greater than Godliness ( सारी खुदाई एक तरफ जोरू का भाई एक तरफ)

There would be no fun in watching the movies from the Rajshri Productions’s stable without so many relatives!! No Jija, No Fufa, No Bhua , No Tau how boring the life would be !! No one to bitch about , crib out, no one to share the family gossip with, no one playing the role of Match Maker in the weddings !! Only Silver Linings would be pampered and spoilt by both set of Grand Parents i.e. paternal and maternal.

So requesting the Chinese to come and visit India before they embark on this new journey of having more than one kids, to learn about different names for all set of relations no boring Sister In Law / Brother in Law or the Nephew / Niece and Uncle  /Aunt thing !! We have all set of names for all possible relations each different for the mother’s/father’s side of the families. Incidentally we have an entire C Grade Film Industry promoting these very relationship though in dubious manner so this can help them revive the native Industry for I have yet to catch a great film after the fabulous Crouching Tiger , Hidden Dragon !!

Till that time go enjoy doing what the Government has allowed you to do without fear and protection!!