Most of you who know me personally or follow me on social media would know my love for films.

I have thrived on watching films over the 4 decades of my being. This love affair that started with Hindi Films aka Bollywood and has taken me to Hollywood to Regional Cinema and to World Cinema thanks to the advent of sub-titles.

Hindi Films i.e. Bollywood shall forever remain my first love. For they have made me happy and sad, made me question and also made me hate, all with equal measures. Their music is the only one that I can comprehend for they tap into each emotion and occasion.

Besides the movies the people that light up the silver screen and those who enable them have been inspired entire generations. They have been there to serve the nation: the case in point being actors who have gone to the frontiers to boast the morale of our Jawans amongst others.

However my heart pains when some sections of the media goes on to paint the entire industry as the den of all vices. The industry has some issues but isn’t these matters that plague our society irrespective of the industry. The film industry is an easy target and scapegoat, for there is too much money and lives at stake. One bad weekend can be death knell for a film. Targeting films and their actors makes for good politics and that’s what we are seeing these days.

Sensationalising news on Film Industry makes for good TRP’s. Look what has happened to a particular news network that have been garnering substantial eyeballs and thus filling in their coffers. Like in all other matters they are the Prosectutor, Judge and Jury all rolled in to one.

Well sorry for using the “roll” word, for Rhea has been put in jail for rolling things she shouldn’t have and for that matter no middle-class person should have, after all these are things only the rich and famous do and not us.

For the Film Industry I hope this crisis gives you time to put your house in order or what the hell, Wait !!

People have very–very short memories they are going to come back to watch movies of the very people who are now being shamed and disliked. Till that short time work on good scripts and take us back to the magic of a dark Cinema Halls and lit-up Silver Screens !!

रुक जाना नहीं तू कहीं हार के, काँटों पे चलके मिलेंगे साये बहार के…..

Tuscany Wedding


The morning of 12th December as I read the newspaper the one thing that stayed with me, media and the most of us is the ethereal pictures of The VRUSHKA (For the uninitiated it’s the acronym for Virat- Anushka) Wedding. So since everyone has something to say about this wedding I too would like to voice my opinion or shall I say write down my take on this wedding and here it is:

  • The visuals some of which were officially released and some which we were dished out on most of our whatsapp groups taken by I presume by the guests at the wedding were absolutely stunning. But it would be foolish to accept anything different from a wedding of a top-notch Bollywood Actress and Indian Skipper.
  • I don’t know about the others the first thing I searched was the venue of the wedding : Borgo Finocchieto. Now that I have ingested all the information of this Hotel and ample free publicity given to this hotel by the over enthusiastic media. All I can say that is if I get married again this is the place I want the nuptials to be and going by my current marital status it’s never going to happen. Maybe the next life but that also seems doubtful for I have sinned and sure to be born as some low creepy insect.
  • If there is one person whose business this wedding has boosted is definitely Sabyasachi. Not that he needed it, but to milk the wedding on Instagram and other social media platforms for your own brands publicity from the fabric used, to jewellery, to style of 80fc92aa-eae9-4316-aa46-e7e0eb8ea821embroidery that the newlyweds have worn is frankly too much. It seems he was just waiting for official statement from Vrushka to hit the send button on his Instagram to tell the whole world about their wardrobe. Virat – Anushka should thank God that Mr. Mukherjee doesn’t design lingerie !!
  • From whatever visuals those are doing the rounds luckily the wedding décor is simple and elegant and not turned into a pompous filmy set. Thumbs Up for the same (As if the team behind it even care about my opinion or feedback). क्या करूँ फिर भी बोलना तो पड़ेगा आखिर आदत से मजबूर हूँ.
  • इटली में शादी करो , इतना खर्चा करो और बेचारे पंडितजी पहनें वही सादा धोती कुर्ता !! और Tuscany की सर्दी से बचने के लिए 2017-12-13.pngउन्होनें इनर पहना वोह भी दिखता हुआ ब्लैक कलर का, घोर नाइंसाफी है !! अरे सब्यसाची नहीं तो कम से कम मान्यवर से थोडा स्टाइल वाले 2-3 धोती कुर्ते का सेट स्पोंसर कराये देते कोहली जी !!
  • वैसे एक और सवाल मन में उठ रहा है क्या विदेश में जाके भी फूफा / मासा  की मान मनुवर करनी पड़ती है या इटली की हवाओं में सब सुधर जाते हैं ??

खैर मुझे क्या उनकी शादी वोही निपटें , मैं क्यों बेगानी शादी में अब्दुल्लाह दीवाने जैसा हो रहा हूँ. ना रिश्तेदारी, ना जान पहचान और कर रहा हैं दो प्यार करने वालों की शादी का post-mortem !!

Like they say in Fairy Tales may they both LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER …..

Bareilly Ki Barfi

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This movie like some of the latest Hindi films is based in a small town where people wear everyday clothes, live in houses that looks real and the character that do not mouth dialogue.

It’s a story about Bitti Mishra (Kirti Sanon) in the mould of Tanu (Kangana Ranaut); a carefree, free spirited girl who works in the Complaint Department of the Electricity Department while scaring away prospective grooms. download (16)She happens to read the book titled ‘Bareilly Ki Barfi’; about a girl that does Brake Dance, smokes and rides motorcycles with the boys, a character that is completely her and gets besotted with author of the book who happens to be Chirag Dubey (Aayush Khurana) a printing press owner; who instead of using his name uses or misuses the name and picture of his friend Pritam Vidrohi (Rajkumar Rao); a Saree Salesman as the Author.

Bitti is wholeheartedly supported by her parents. Her father a sweet shop owner talks to the fan in the night and the school teacher mother who is perennially looking for a groom for her daughter but luckily not in typical Hindi movie melodramatic manner. So in short this movie is what you get when you marry the scripts of Saajan –(the early 1990’s hit) with Tanu weds Manu and the result is the relationship that is made in heaven.

The humour is crackling especially when Raj Kumar Rao comes on the screen. He is brilliant and you can’t but root for him. Copy-of-XICO-2_200717-122324The quick shiftovers from a simpleton to a Street Thug(Rangbaaz) is something only he could pull off. Aayusman as the smart alec who bullies his friend to get his lady love is good but it’s the type of character we have seen him playing earlier as well and Kirti Sanon also manages to pull it off.

The movie for me belongs to Raj Kumar Rao and Biitti’s exasperated parents and the dialogue writer for treating the movie goers with a laugh riot. A special mention to the voice over of Javed Akhtar who brings not only brings humour but also gravitas to the story by taking the story forward.

The end is predictable but the journey is sweet , dipped and fried in ghee for us to relish.


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With Sisters, nephews and nieces in town, Tubelight seemed the perfect way to usher in the weekend with a 9 AM First Day First Show. After all it was an Eid release of Salman Bhai and everything else could wait. Despite being sleep deprived after a late night and some grudging member of the entourage we just about managed to reach the Cinema Hall in time.

salman-khan_640x480_71497952767As the story line goes it’s about two brothers living in a small hill town in period starting from Pre-Partition days to the 1962 Indo-China War and their emotional connect. The elder one is good hearted intellectually challenged and the younger one is the protector and provider. The 1962 War changes it all as the younger one joins the army and thus begins the quest of the elder on to reunite with his brother.

These two are obviously Bhai and Sohal Bhai. With a brilliant supporting cast of Om Puri, Matin Rey Tangu, Zhu Zhu, Zeeshan Ayyub, Om Puri and the Superb Shah Rukh Khan. The young kid and his mother is the screen stealer and surprisingly Sohail Bhai for once is watchable and impressive.


Weaving human stories with arch enemies of India i.e. Pakistan and with this movies China seems to be forte of Kabir Khan: From Ek Tha Tiger, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Phantom and now TubeLight. He raises the patriotic feelings and message of Bhaichara perfectly thrown in. Someone please make him an ambassador of ‘Aman ki Asha’ provided he isn’t already. He manages to raise some pertinent questions on being an Indian, slogan shouting of ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ and likes.

The sets feel lived in and surroundings beautiful and the characters of small town real and noosy. Though the war sequences to me seemed little amateurish and too simple. There is too much of ‘Yakeen’ happening for my comfort and too mush symbolic Gandhism thrown in which feels contrived.

Then there is Bhai: Salman Bhai. What’s with actors trying to get out of their comfort zones to prove a point with different roles and failing, case in point being Bhai with this movie? Bhai is beyond reviews/critics but that doesn’t give him a liberty to ham it up playing this intellectually challenged character. Somehow his acting reminded me of Hritik Roshan from Koi Mil Gaya, just a tad better. I don’t know if that’s the way the actors are supposed to play it but it just doesn’t work for me.

The movie works well minus the hammy Bhai but what’s a Bhai movie without Bhai swag and charisma. Bhai Fans the reviews don’t matter and for the rest this TubeLight shines but not too brightly !!

Dangal : दंगल : دنگل


Over the past many years I have always put a 2-3 line review of the movies I watch in theatre on my social media timelines. These are the opinions and rants of a movie buff and was in no way meant to deter anyone to like or dislike movies.
So with this blog post I intend to take the movie reviews a little detailed and I hope you bear with me and also these reviews dnt make me an expert on the art of movie making for I am just a bloody opinionated cinemagoer who goes to theatre religiously to watch varied genres with the same gang of friends who also share the love of cinema, week after week without fail and this time also was no different.
The moment I entered the theatre for an afternoon show of Dangal was not surprised to see the hall full to the brim and what set the pace for the movie was the playing of National Anthem before the show (which gives me Goosebumps every time I sing it), and the audience breaking in to Bharat Mata ki Jai at the end of it !!
This movie is about wrestling and about the journey from the start to winning an international medal for India. It’s about one eccentric man’s passion aiming for Gold thru his daughters. The movie has an earthy realistic feel to it and u can actually smell the rustic Jat Land from your seats.
The physical transformation that Aamir Khan is what sets him apart, movie after movie surprises us and questions our beliefs. The star that is confident not to be in each frame but to believe in the new kids on the block for what is a movie but a collective effort and what an ensemble cast that matches with the histrionics of The actor.
Like all sports movies we know what the outcome is gonna be and it’s the journey to the climax that is the clincher and this movie not for a minute feels long inspite of duration of 160+ minutes. The moment the National Anthem plays during the movie the audience was on their toes celebrating Gita’s victory all over again. Mahaveer Phogat broke patriarchal stereotypes by making his daughters wrestle and the actor playing him breaks hindi movie stereotypes each time with his films.
It’s the Gita and Babita hidden in each of our daughters that we need to push to shine out and while watching the movie with my 7 year old daughter who pestered me with her questions I was wondering, for her to be Gita/Babita can I ever bee Mahaveer Phogat and alas the answer to the question as of now is in negative.
Go watch the movie you are wasting your Christmas/New Year vacations if you dnt watch it asap !!

PS : This review is only because of Kishore Bhaiya if he hadn’t pushed me I would have once again put a mere 2-3 line review.