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The title of this film initially was Mental Hai Kya before they changed it to Judgementall Hai Kya. This was done to pacify and be political correct after the Psychiatrists took offence.  So I shall follow the latter title and be Judgy as hell, which I am usually is!!

This film is about a little girl Bobby (Kangana Ranaut) who loses her parents to freak accident and thereby develops a mental condition, so I am made to infer by the filmmakers. She grows up to become a dubbing artist, a wannabe actress with her own mental issues. A pair of young couple comes to live with as tenants in her house and in which eventually the wife is burned and killed. The suspect is both the Bobby and the victims husband (Rajkumar Rao) and they both accuse each other for this crime, however both eventually gets the clean chit from the cops.

Post interval Bobby meets this guy again who is now married to her cousin living in London and what follows is the doubts and accusations towards each other. They both are wary of each other and try gathering dirt from each ones past to strengthen their case. This being a murder and a Psychological thriller I am not going to reveal anything more.

So being Judgemental AF this is what I think:

What Works:

  • The Brilliant Kangana Ranaut, she aces at playing these roles. Unhinged and unafraid to play such a character.
  • Some of the jokes and the characters work in the first half, especially the cops and her doormat of a boyfriend.
  • Rajkumar Rao is again someone who always lifts up any character he plays.
  • I like the take on Sita ji and the use of chaupai from Ramcharita Manas.

What Fails:

  • Despite it being just 121 minutes long, it feels long which means sometimes it is not going anywhere.
  • The second half is such a slog just wanted to fast-forward to the end.
  • The climax is overlong and it takes forever to come.
  • I do not really understand the symptoms of Bobby’s mental illness wish they could have elaborated that to, maybe know her better.

To deliver my closing remarks in the Judgement of this film: The Ayes get drowned in the din of the Nos.

समझे ?? नहीं ??

400 शब्दों की एक बात इस को आप मेरे हिसाब से skip कर सकते हैं !!


simran-posterThe amount of attention the pre-release publicity of this film got whether for the right reason (The Female lead) or the wrong (The leading Lady’s Ex) in both the cases it did create a buzz about Simran.

The story is set in The US of America it looks into the life of 30 + Gujarati Divorcee girl – Prafull Patel played by Kangna Ranaut who works in the House-Keeping department of a leading hotel and lives with her parents: Father- a cribbing failed Gujarati Immigrant whose American dream never materialised and now lives off selling Gujarati Food items and a mother who is trying to match up to the squabbling of the Father and the Daughter.

On a trip to Vegas with her cousin she loses all her hard earned that she had saved to buy her own apartment on gambling and in order to recover the same she falls prey to the Loan Sharks who feeds her addiction by lending her instant cash and thus making her their debtor and it is this desperation that makes her rob the banks. The stealing bits seemed too simple but again this shows the American’s paranoia, the fear of getting hurt, Al Qaeda / ISIS and the use of the bombs that the bank employees seemed too eager to part with the cash.

The movie is a Kangna Film all the way she is in every scene and she rules in every bit of them. In one scene she tells her prospective suitor that she has a character flaw to which he replies it’s ok if she has had her shares of boyfriends and she replies that isn’t flaw that is art her flaw is that she is hooked onto gambling and stealing. These are the flaws that we see in people around us and I know someone who steals stuff from friends, shops and even from relatives admitted in the hospital. However in Praful’s case the gambling comes across not as an addiction but just one stray incident and the stealing is to feed this one incident.


As an audience we root for her when she is goofy, when we see her desperation to have her own apartment, pay for her debts and ways to get out of the mess she has got herself into. There is a saying that we say “दूकान में कितना सामान है??” meaning whether someone is all talk and nothing to back that up with. In the case of Kangna in light of her bombastic interview दूकान में बहुत सामान है !!

The film is all about showcasing her talent and she doesn’t disappoint, however sincerely wish the film could match up to her efforts, it gets complacent in some portions. If you are Kangna fan you must watch it and if you belong to her opposite camp you deserve nothing but to watch Mohenjo Daro on a loop till the next Friday.

Bareilly Ki Barfi

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This movie like some of the latest Hindi films is based in a small town where people wear everyday clothes, live in houses that looks real and the character that do not mouth dialogue.

It’s a story about Bitti Mishra (Kirti Sanon) in the mould of Tanu (Kangana Ranaut); a carefree, free spirited girl who works in the Complaint Department of the Electricity Department while scaring away prospective grooms. download (16)She happens to read the book titled ‘Bareilly Ki Barfi’; about a girl that does Brake Dance, smokes and rides motorcycles with the boys, a character that is completely her and gets besotted with author of the book who happens to be Chirag Dubey (Aayush Khurana) a printing press owner; who instead of using his name uses or misuses the name and picture of his friend Pritam Vidrohi (Rajkumar Rao); a Saree Salesman as the Author.

Bitti is wholeheartedly supported by her parents. Her father a sweet shop owner talks to the fan in the night and the school teacher mother who is perennially looking for a groom for her daughter but luckily not in typical Hindi movie melodramatic manner. So in short this movie is what you get when you marry the scripts of Saajan –(the early 1990’s hit) with Tanu weds Manu and the result is the relationship that is made in heaven.

The humour is crackling especially when Raj Kumar Rao comes on the screen. He is brilliant and you can’t but root for him. Copy-of-XICO-2_200717-122324The quick shiftovers from a simpleton to a Street Thug(Rangbaaz) is something only he could pull off. Aayusman as the smart alec who bullies his friend to get his lady love is good but it’s the type of character we have seen him playing earlier as well and Kirti Sanon also manages to pull it off.

The movie for me belongs to Raj Kumar Rao and Biitti’s exasperated parents and the dialogue writer for treating the movie goers with a laugh riot. A special mention to the voice over of Javed Akhtar who brings not only brings humour but also gravitas to the story by taking the story forward.

The end is predictable but the journey is sweet , dipped and fried in ghee for us to relish.