Letter from Papa

images (3)Dear Son,

A few days back you bombarded me with questions, when you realized that I wasn’t heading an organization anymore. Some of the questions I was able to answer and while some u weren’t satisfied with.

What I now realize is that your questions were to place me in the hierarchy of things according to your world view. At the age of six you still place me a little higher on the ladder, but for how long?? I have tried to be someone you could be proud of and be your care giver and provider as of now.

images (4)Son, I know for sure that the above may not be necessary true in the coming times. Because I am not perfect and do have my follies. You will eventually see through my choices, the decisions I make and the stands I take.  We will have our differences and you will realize I will not have answers to your questions and solutions to your problems.

As you grow u will have your own separate ideas and thought process and that will not be hopefully like me , cause I don’t want you to be guided by what I may have said or done but find your own separate way, a path even if hard and less travelled but one that is your own. But remember I will be there and there will be a home to come back to, people to fall back on, parents and families that will love you no matter what!!

Yes this letter is too early in the day and you are still too young to read the same on your own. But remember this we as humans are allowed to err and learn. Don’t let history and past bog you down and color your judgment.  Run, explore, make mistakes and learn.

And when you start doing that hopefully I will be able to regain my place in your hierarchy that I may or may not have lost!!

With Love,


2 thoughts on “Letter from Papa

  1. Beautifully expressed and a Tear jerker! Can I reiterate the letter to ‘mine'(at the right time), while making it mine?


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