Family Entertainers: Rajshri’s


Dear Sooraj Babu,

8604e2f1-381f-4a0f-95c7-089236bb9459Many Many congratulations!! for your latest movie Prem Ratan Dhan Payo has managed to collect more than Rs. 330 worldwide within a short span of 8 days, as has been informed by the advertisement in the newspaper. So whatever my personal opinion about this movie, the above proves that I am definitely in the minority and would not say a word against the same.


To set the record download (3)straight, I love the emotional drama and have always enjoyed your movies. Be it watching ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ for the first time on a VHS Tape at home with the family and later watching it over and over again till the cassette got spoiled and had to tune the VCR to set it right and then watching it on the Grand Big Screen of the iconic Rajmandir Theatre in Jaipur. I can’t imagine anyone besides Salman – Bhagyashree portraying Prem and Suman to such perfection. This movie was the harbinger of change in the Hindi Film Industry for it ushered in clean family entertainment from the trash they were making in the eighties.

download (1)Then came one of my all time favorites: Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, I had the privilege of watching the same at a preview show much before the movie officially release at Liberty Theatre, thanks to a dear college friend Vikram who is your relative. I was mesmerized and spellbound by its style and content which the cinemagoers like us had yet to witness!! What can be the true testimony of its success than that for a full year the tickets at Liberty were never available in the Current Booking and the fact that MF Hussain saw it 85 times. Each character was believable and true to life and the brilliant music by Ram-Laxman with multiple songs took the screenplay smoothly forward. The clothes were copied and you gave the Jhoota Chupai custom a pan India status.

download (4)The third outing Hum Saath Saath Hain was your take on The Ramayan and setting it in a modern Indian Family, a story that is about family and living together. Again a fine movie, a movie I watched in Liberty Theatre Mumbai immediately after flunking my CA Final exams. This was the movie that lifted my emotions then and also gave an opportunity to introspect.

These were your movies that I loved and enjoyed till the year 2000, the next releases are not something that I would like to even discuss here. For the movies you direct are about the best of you and the inherent goodness that gets reflected in your movies.

So I will continue to watch each release of yours, irrespective of its content for I am a sucker for emotions and family values.


A Movie Aficionado

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