I am Offended !!

The Constitution of India provides me certain basic Fundamental Rights that can be broadly summed in the below mentioned 6 categories and they are the following:

  • Right to Equality
  • Right to Freedom
  • Rights against exploitation
  • Right to Freedom of Religion
  • Cultural and Educational Rights
  • Right to Constitutional Remedies

imagesWhat our forefathers could not achieve to include in the above categories and seeing the way we are progressing in the 21st century another right should w.e.f be included in the Fundamental Rights with the utmost care and protection : The Right to get Offended !!

We are after all a country that is multi cultural , multi ethnic and multi linguistic and it is my right and responsibility to get offended with things that may not be applicable to my language, religion or cultural.  For my personal right to get offended can’t be curtailed and encroached upon.

After all I have a right to get offended with what goes on in my neighbor’s bedroom that may not suit my sensibilities. I have a right to decide his or her sexual preference and the kind of positions he is allowed to copulate in. Hail Section 377 of IPC !!!

Being a half Jain (my mother’s a Jain) I strongly object to people eating meat and the government should take all necessary measures to ensure that wherever I go not even the word meat should be used be it in spoken or written word or by use of symbols, expressions or otherwise. And if one day I decide no one should be allowed to use leather then so be it, all the leather should be confiscated and burned like the illegal ivory and animal skins are burned.  After all that is also cruelty.

images (1)

I have the right to protected by the kinds of movies that are being made these days. I strongly object to the kind of atrocious movies Prabhu Deva is making and he should be debarred from making any new movies and banished to tollywood to protect my right. Vivek Oberoi should not be allowed to act or do any social cause. Similarly Himesh Reshamiya not allowed singing as it does not match my likings and I find them OTT. So plz help me and protect my right.

Besides these major issues that affects my peaceful living in this beautiful  lovely country I do have some minor offences that i take note of such as :

  • I am regularly offended by a friend who do not like my posts on FB , he should thus be banished from the Social Networking Sites for good.
  • I am offended by the people who do not gain weight inspite of gorging on food, my right should entail putting these people on medication to reduce their metabolism.download
  • imagesI am offended by how people dnt take care of their mothers : the Holy Cow. To protect and ensure they are well taken care of, all right minded Hindu’s should be compulsorily made to have one at their house and be made to pamper them. Their households should use only cow urine as disinfectant, Gobar Gas for cooking and similar other cow products should be used compulsorily !

These are some of the examples that interferes with my right and that  offends my sensibilities so I urge the Central and the State governments to make the required Constitutional changes to Include the new and effective Right that supersedes every other right : THE RIGHT TO GET OFFENDED .

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