13 things I did during 3 days of Netbandi


13 things I did during 3 days of Netbandi.

  1. Cursed the administration for shutting down the internet for 3 (can u believe it ???) days.
  1. This gave me one more opportunity to grudge about the misrule of the current dispensation and their failure to back rhetoric with action. The case in point being the whole concept of Digital India.
  1. Opened the laptop to clean and sort out decades old files and pictures and sort them in orderly manner in different folders.
  1. Repeated the above point for my mobile as well.
  1. Deleted apps from my mobile that I don’t even remember downloading.
  1. Got the time to see that I have till date downloaded more than 1k+ songs ( and I claim to be tone deaf) on wynk music and in these three days deleted more than 200+ songs.
  1. Sorted my contacts List.
  1. My handset which is usually on a ventilator by the end of each day survived 2 straight days without having anything inserted in it.
  1. Realised that  SMS अभी भी जिंदा है.
  1. Hated not telling the world (थोडा ज्यादा हो गया) actually more like 1300 odd Friends and 400+ followers on FB/Instagram that how interesting/fascinating my life has been and how supremely talented/intelligent I am, in the last 3 days.
  1. Missed out on the information / news (To be read as Gossip and fodder for discussions).
  1. Wrote this blogpost as there was an urge to type because a blank laptop screen was getting too much to bear.
  1. Repeated Point No. 1

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